07 February 2010

Meet my talented and creative friends!

Friday I took off for a fun and creative time at my friend Lara's beautiful home. Lara is an amazing, amazing photographer and a super fun girl to hang out with! Our friends Beth, Vicky, Natalie and Susan joined us and we just had a blast creating and catching up with each other...

Vicky is getting married this week and was decoupaging a little box for the rings...

Here is my creation in progress....!

Susan makes the cutest doggie outfits out of recycled clothing!

Lara has a wonderfully witty blog called Modern Prairie Girl, and her pictures always leave me in awe... I loved her recent post about Cindy's Tarte sale, especially since I couldn't be there!!!

Lara takes wonderful dog pictures for the Humane Society, you have to check them out, they are just too cute!!!

She also opened the bag about a new photography venture with Cindy involving this larger than life tree outside of Cindy's barn, and I can't wait to see what these two incredibly talented gals will be concocting together!!!!

Lara took some absolutely exquisite pictures for Vicky and Beth's business, called Gossamer Designs. Gossamer was featured in the "Where Women Create" magazine a few issues back, under the title "Cowgirl High Style meets Bohemian Chic"! These two are so creative, and true magicians at altering slips and crinolines, and layering and embellishing...!! They also create amazing crowns and jewelry! I snapped a picture of Lara modelling one of their adorable creations:

Vicky and Beth are opening a studio in Portland soon, and I can't wait to visit and check it out, I know it is going to be amazing!! Check their blog out! I hope they don't mind, but I had to "borrow" these amazing pictures taken by Lara, they are simply breathtaking!


  1. Now those are some FUN dresses!:) You can't help but smile... I am happy you shared your day with us. You have some special friends.

  2. I have come to know Lara via the net, and she is such a sweetie! she's always smiling it seems - and yes, I admire her photography alot!

  3. Isabel!

    Her photography is gorgeous! I have to go and check out her blog. It looks like you had so much fun hanging out with your friends. I sooo miss you all! I am dreaming of getting back there to see you all again!


  4. Hey, sweets! Thanks for the awesome post about our fun day and all of your kind comments. I'm so glad you made the big trip (and brought WARM walnut bread--where do you find the time?!) to the sticks. Your little doll turned out so cute---will do a post tomorrow about our creative time. It made my week :)

  5. So much talent in one place...WOW. The images are gorgeous. There is nothing like spending time with your friends,

  6. What a sweetheart you are to mention us! We had such a nice afternoon chatting with you all. Don't know where my mind was in the picture of us at the table??? I think I was intently watching Lara with the solder gun! I was totally fascinated by that tool! So cool! And that lemon cake! OMG! A wonderful afternoon all around! Thank you ladies and to Lara for hosting a fun afternoon! Beth

  7. Goodness that is a whole lotta talent in one room, thanks for sharing...amazing!

  8. What a great day you girls had! Wish Debbie and I could have been there! xo...Laurie

  9. oh, looks like you had a blast!

  10. oh, looks like you had a blast!

  11. I have got to get a better way to keep up with what you are doing!
    You know I'm loving those cute doggie outfits. I love all the other cuteness you ladies have going on but I really like the dog outfits.
    Have a great day


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