11 August 2008

Lampshades, lampshades, lampshades!!

A couple of weeks ago, I taught a class on fabric covered lampshades. Karen and Corinne, from GIRLFRIENDS (our neighbors at Monticello), had asked me to come over and guide them through the process. Their friend Jeanne came over, too, and we spent a few hours working on covering store bought lampshades. I've been covering lampshades for a while, now, and have them scattered all over the house. I consider myself a lamp and lampshade fanatic, I have a ton of them in my garage, more than I will ever need!!

We had a good time and I love the results (and hope they love it too...)!!

I thought I would share pictures of some of the covered lampshades I have in my house...

Lately, I have been departing from the fabric covered lampshades I have been making for a few years and have decided to try some new things. This lampshade shows layers of lace simply glued to a regular lampshade, I love the romantic softness of it!! A little pink ribbon at the top finishes the look!

In my daughters bedroom, store bought shades are covered in fabric wedding petals ( I just used my trusty glue gun...)

A wall sconce showcases a vintage wallpaper shade... I found these wallpapered cones but really didn't know what to do with them, until I decided to place them on top of existing shades!! You could make your own, just by covering cardstock with your favorite wallpaper and place on top of an existing shade! Just make sure you have a low voltage lightbulb or one of those bulbs that do not get hot...

Why not try a doll petticoat on top of a small lampshade? That is exactly what I did here, and then used a small flower ring as a finishing touch!! Love it! Or try a crinoline on a floor lampshade for a fun twist! I hope I have inspired you to try something on your own, I am sure you will have as much fun as I do!!


  1. Hi, You do a great job on the shades, I especially liked the flower covered shades in your daughters room. Very sweet. Sue

  2. I am sitting here reading your post and getting all kinds of ideas. Isabel, your shades are fabulous and so unique. Not only do you have gorgeous shades, your lamps are lovely. I am in awe!!!! Now I just need some shades to cover!! Would you ever do a tutorial?


  3. Hi Isabel, I am inspired and my head is spinning with ideas! Do you know any book or anywhere on the net that I can go to get more step by step instruction in covering shades? Any advice would be welcomed! Thanks Candy

  4. I love these so much. I don't think I would have the patience to do something like this. All of them are beautiful.

  5. Awesome post Isabel! It was fun seeing all of your lampshades at the same time. I could totally appreciate them more that way. You do amazing work and I have always told you how talented you are. Here's the proof. Thanks for sharing.



  6. how fun. I would love to learn to do a lampshade!

  7. Ooohh!!! Those lampshades are gorgeous!! Love them all!! Wish I could come over for a lesson, too!
    Michelle xoxo

  8. What a great post Isabel, I love it! Curently I have a few lamps on my dining room table that are in need of a cute lampshade. I think I need to get busy with this project. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  9. UGH, your shades are TO DIE FOR!! You are very talented!


  10. Hello!
    Beautiful lamps! You should teach an online class for those who aren't lucky enough to learn in me! So cute!

  11. You are so gifted and talented! Wish you would show us step by step how to redo your blog...will visit again


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