11 June 2009

Farm Chicks ~ part deux

Considering what a crazy busy weekend we had at Farm Chicks, I'm actually happy I took a little break to snap some pictures!! I think the best part about these shows is that you are there with your fellow dealer friends, and that you get to meet so many wonderful people!! The good thing is that I was busy selling, the bad thing is that I was so busy selling I didn't have time to visit with people like I would have loved to ...!!!

Here is sweet Lisa with her super cute new haircut!

Bella Shabby Sue's booth...

Joy from A Day in the Life had some great stuff!!

Cindy's booth, from Tarte, is always an incredible treat to the eyes!!

The Boys of Barn House really outdid themselves this time... Truly the most talked about booth!!!

Awwwww....!!! You guys are just toooooo cuuuuute!!!!

Lynne and Heather's great booth...

Second Childhood Girlfriends Karen and Corinne's sweet space...

The ever so talented Lisa Souers..!! She always ends the show with a practically empty booth!!!

Ther wasn't much time to shop (I guess a blessing in disguise!!), but I managed to buy some darling treasures!!

I've said it before, one can never have too many hatboxes!!

I just love this vintage embroidered pillow I got from Sue... "What care we for wind or weather, so long as we two can be together..." It summarizes my feelings from this weekend's adventures, except I would change the "two" for "all"!!

How cute is this fabric sewing box?

This is a real watercolor, the photo does not do justice at how beautiful it is!!

Finally a darling vintage duvet cover with my ever so loved roses!!! I have enough eye candy for one more FC post, I hope I will not tire you with it!!


  1. How I'd love to go to Farm Chicks!
    Too bad there's nothing like it here in Italy.

    You managed to get some lovely treasures.

    Ciao, Helena

  2. what an amazing time you had! and some great momentos!

  3. Hi, your booth was GORGEOUS!!!I was sad I didn't make it back to buy something from busy selling, that's a good thing !! It was fun to meet you in person, wish we would have had more time to visit.. So glad you got meet baby Oliver and give him a hug!! We are so in love with him too!! Glad & Celia/Junebug Furniture and Design

  4. Love those photos...I want to go back soo bad!! And your treasures are great, love the pillow~

  5. Isabel~ Loved seeing your space at FarmChicks. Lisa was so nice to take 5.00 off of the pink frufru skirt Holly wanted. It cracked me up that you called her and she was coming up the aisle behind us, heehe! We hung Holly's skirt on our yellow wall next to the kitchen door along with a frufru hat she got and my fairy cone from Coleen for a little photo shoot and it was SOOoooo adorable there, it is still where we left it! Pop over for Pink Saturday and see what I mean.
    P.S. Your photos are great!

  6. You and Lisa were perfect together, and your booth was fantastic!! Don't you wish all shows were as incredible as that one was?!

    Hope to have more time to visit next time!


  7. Beautiful things! Please post again - I would never get tired of seeing such lovely things! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Oh Isabel, you had way to much fun!!! Wish I could have been there! I had lots of friends that went to it! You are so clever! Do you ever sell your items through your blog or a website? I love your lined shopping carts!


  9. Love it!! Thanks for all the great pics!!

  10. Going to Farm Chicks is a dream of mine. I am certain someday I will be there to take it in. In the meantime your pictures almost make it seem like I was there!

    I wanted to let you know that I am passing along the Lovely Blog Award to you! You can stop by my blog to "pick it up"!

  11. I would have been lost for days! Every booth looked could you stop from buying everything?!?!

  12. Contrary to popular belief...all the talent isn't in Texas!
    Beautiful booths...every one of them a treat to the eyes and over the top.
    All the hard work you put in before the show and setting up for the show...well, it really shows!
    Three words my dear...Fab U Lous!!!

  13. Wow! Thanks for all the amazing pictures from Farm Chicks. It's absolutely an event I want to attend!!

  14. Hi Isabel,
    Great photo's, wish I had taken time to use my fancy new camera more... I'm sure if I feel like it was a whirlwind you must still be reeling! I'm excited for Sunday, yipee a day with the girls and we're going shopping!!!

  15. It looks fantastic! What fun it must have been, but how hard to restrain yourself from buying far too much, if you weren't taken up with the selling! I can imagine my bank account being severely dented by a visit!

  16. I adore your vintage carts with those beautiful liners, Isabel. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful photos. SO wish I could have been there.

  17. Oh I so loved meeting you!! You are the sweetest! And talented!! Good luck with the rest of your summer shows. Maybe I will run into you again, I want to go shopping!!


  18. This was such a wonderful experience for us!! It was the first time some many of our close friends were in one place at the same time...usually, we are all scrambling around on Saturday morning and have little time to really visit. Can I steal that picture of The BH Boys?


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