06 August 2009

Midweek ramblings

A while back I entered a blog giveaway by Nostalgia at the Stone House and won!!! Niki lives in England, near Bath, and has the most wonderful collectibles I have ever seen! She also makes beautiful dolls, bags, pincushions, etc. I was thrilled, obviously!!! I have been wanting to share what she so graciously sent me, so here it is (minus a darling millinery flower that I seem to have misplaced..). Isn't it wonderful? Thank you so much Niki, and I am sorry it took so long to post about it!

I also wanted to show you my new business cards. They are called MiniCards and are from MOO. I love the fact that I can actually feature my favorite pictures...!!! Well, Moo has sent me an offer that I wanted to pass on to you: if you are new to MOO, you can place an order (over $15) and get free shipping!!! Here is the code you should use: Q3C3JX. The great thing about this offer is that if 3 or more of my friends place an order, I get a free set of cards! So we both win!! Love these offers...!!

A few days ago I stopped by our local antique mall and came home with this adorable vintage child's sewing machine! There is a piece of the base missing, but it doesn't bother me and the price was right!!

I also came across this darling doll, the doll's head is reglued but for $5, I couldn't resist!

I am working diligently on preparing to open a store on Etsy... In the meantime, please check out my good friend Natalie's newly opened Etsy store, she has the cutest things ever...!!!

Tomorrow Lisa and I are heading north to stay with our friend Timi! We will be attending a blog party and can't wait! Originally, we thought about taking the train... Then we thought it might be better to drive, just in case we want to shop!! Lisa's minivan is not as sweet as this ride (seen at the BH flea market), but it'll do the job!!! Maybe we'll see some of you there??

I wanted to end this post with a cute story from my ten year old daughter.... My girls were watching a rerun of Wife Swap (I know, quality TV...), and one of the wives said that she believed her job as a woman was to make her husband happy. Rita turned to me, with an incredulous look, and said: "I thought it was the other way around, I thought it was the man's job to make the woman happy...."

Yep, my job is half way done...!


  1. Have fun on your trip with Lisa... love the goodies you got from niki! Also, that pink truck is SO cute.. haha.


  2. Have fun on your trip!
    ...and your daughter sounds like my kind of girl! What a smart cookie! :)

  3. What beautiful things!!!

    Love your blog - just had to say though - your daughter's one clever girl!


  4. See you in Snohomish! From the mouths of babes. Have a safe trip in the mini-van.

  5. that sewing machine is pretty amazing, you do manage some great finds!

  6. Now if you get your hubby to buy you a sweet pink truck like that, your daughter will KNOW it's true!

  7. Isabel, you're teaching your girls well! Love that story. Did you say you're opening an Etsy shop...? What a most fabulous idea for you. Would love to see your clockface pillows there and maybe those gorgeous shopping cart liners...(inspired by you I bought an old cart, but since I'm not a great seamstress, I realize that sewing a liner for it is not that easy as it might look...).

  8. Will you be driving that cool pink truck?

  9. Have a great trip with Lisa! I have a feeling you'll be glad you took the van :0)... Laurie

  10. Have a wonderful time at the party isabel...i am so excited you are opening an etsy store, and it is soooo funny you posted about the moo cards, I just started making mine and I will use that code when I order to hopefully help you get some free cards! Have a lovely weekend xo~

  11. Oh wow!! Cangrats on the win and on all the treasures you found! I love the little dress!
    Hugs, Lisa

  12. Congratulations! What cute stuff, but mostly good job with your daughters (minus the quality TV of course) They will do well in the world. My oldest daughter is turning 21 Yikes, but she has the same idea as yours, Yeah. Hope you and Lisa have fun at the Blog Party.

  13. Seriously. I just, 3 or 4 hours ago, ordered some moo cards. I sure wish I'd seen you post! I'm sorry for both of us! Enjoy your trip! ~Mindy

  14. Those Moo cards are great aren't they :)
    Best of luck with your Etsy shop Isabel. I bet it will be a success!

  15. Niki, sent you some really beautiful treasures..I can see why you were so excited..She really does have such pretty things..
    I also loooooove all the goodies you found..You always find the most amazing things... That pink truck is just to cute..

  16. Those cards are way cute! Very much you...have a great time. Snohomish is awesome.

  17. Great ramblings! I love those cards...Laurie had some made for the 2Chippys and I lost the info she gave me. Thank goodness for you!
    Your daughter is a woman after my own heart. Obviously your husband sets a great example of how a woman should be treated! Kudos to both of you.

  18. Congrats on your win.

    Sorry-I've been out of commission -- terribly sick for over a week-- but do you want to know how I cut my grocery bill in half? go to Cut your grocery bills now plus I have a give a way and a new Mr Linky party starting tomorrow but Mr Linky will be up by 8 p.m. tonight

    Its So Very Cheri

  19. Yea Isabel, I used your code and got free shipping!! Thank you!


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