04 October 2009

Happiness is...

... Being so proud of my daughter I could burst!!! No medals, two falls on the beam, and the worst floor and beam scores ever... Still, I couldn't have been prouder!!!!


  1. Such memories for me - my daughter is now 37, but was on a state championship high school gymnastic team. Those falls on the beam used to nearly kill me. Cherish these years. Sally

  2. Isabel, It is so good to hear a parent say that. I cringe whenever I hear parents moan over failures, but the bad times are what make the good times great! Glad you are building unconditional love in your daughter! And isn't she beautiful and striking in her exercise!? What a wonderful picture and a wonderful mother.

  3. I would be proud too! gymnastics you can be perfect in practice and when you get in front of a crowd, it's different. I will never forget the time I was told I had to fill in for someone on the bars..I probably practiced the routine 1 time. I was so embarrassed that I did not even finish the routine...LOL

  4. Bravo for she is a winner and you have every right to be the proud mom. Cheers
    Happy Twirls
    By the way, I just bought some beautiful tableware from your native Portugal and I love it, posted about it a few days ago.

  5. I certainly give her a lot of credit. I think the balance beam is one of the most difficult events, At least it sure looks like it to me. More power to her!

  6. This is wonderful! Congrats to her for participating in a very hard sport...and to you for being her Mom!

  7. She looks like she loves what she is doing!! :) Way to go her, even with a few mishaps. Tell her , her mama's bloggie friends are all super proud of her too!!! :)


  8. So sweet!

    I just wanted to say that it looks like I will be coming back your way for the Christmas show! I am so excited to see all of y'all again!


  9. Of course you are proud! Look at how much she has accomplished. She’s a warrior and a winner in my book. You go girl! Girl power ;)

  10. Well, who's keeping score anyway! hehe...she has the desire and ambition to try lots of different things. The action counts far more than the result.

    Have a great evening,

  11. Good to see your cute sweetie ... and so happy that she is participating in LIFE, not just watching from the sidelines. Hugs to her and YOU for encouraging and supporting her.
    Betty :)

  12. I am proud of her too. It is a difficult sport and so many of practice. I enjoy watching the sport very much. I am glad she did not get hurt in her falls. What a great MOM she has too. sandi

  13. I got goose bumps hearing the love in your voice for your child. Everyday joys.....Your blog is inspiring!

  14. So sweet...we are proud no matter what it seems!! :)
    Unless of course they are 2.5 and throwing a fit in the middle of the restuarant, kicking and screaming, then I am not so sure about the whole proud part!
    They are our babies no matter, we love them always!

  15. She looks pretty amazing in that picture! It's nice to be a proud mama :)

    :) T


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