12 May 2010

A tour of Leah's beautiful home!!

Yesterday I had the privilege of visiting my friend Leah's new home in Lake Oswego. WOW!!!! I should have worn my drool bib, that's all I can say.... After visiting this absolutely breathtakingly beautiful home, I just felt like going home, getting rid of everything and start anew.... Some of my favorite people in the whole wide world were there, and we had the most wonderful time (and some delicious food!).

Leah has the most exquisite taste, and her collections are truly lovely!!

Leah is an artist and paints the most beautiful coveted paintings, including this gorgeous cow... You may have seen some of her paintings on my previous Barn House posts...

Her collection of statues made me stop in my tracks to admire them...

Leah is also launching a new beautiful wearable collection and  we had some fun trying out her outfits
(Lara, Robin and Cindy in the boudoir...)

One of the things that struck me the most are the beautiful chandeliers and sconces Leah displays around her home...

Love this old sign in the kitchen...

Cindy getting her creative juices flowing to make an old broom tassel for the door...

(Lara, Julie, Lisa and Robin getting ready to feast...)

Sweet Natalie and her sweetie Hattie...

(how appropriate that I was wearing white that day....??!!)

I was able to snap a picture of Joe before her scolded me with his finger...

In the beautiful garden is the hidden jewel.... A darling little cottage which will become Leah's private studio...!!! It is filled with the most incredible treasures and I can't wait to see it done (I promised Leah I would come and help her get it together, it will be fun to play with all her treasures!!)

This was truly a day to remember... Leah is the most gracious hostess and a guoooooorgeous and super fun gal to hang out with... Thank you so much, Leah!!! I didn't get a good picture of her, so I borrowed this one Robin took when they were at my house... I hope that's okay, Robin!!!!

And to all my sweet friends there, it was so much fun spending time together and I can't wait to see you all again!!!! Love you all!!


  1. Gorgeous! And the chandeliers are especially breathtaking!

  2. That house is gorgeous!!! I want to live there. I know exactly how you feel about wanting to start all over in your home once you see her home, I'm feeling the same!
    Can I just say your new header and background is just wonderful and refreshing, I love it.
    Beautiful photos!!
    Have a great day.

  3. Wow what a treat that was!!! Her home is just amazing! I need to study every single picture....LOVE her style! I really enjoyed meeting you Saturday ~ look forward to some more of your sales!


  4. i looooooooveeeeee this house!...thank you for sharing this little bit of heaven,spectacular!...can i move in?-stacy

  5. what a dreamy home. thank you for sharing all the wonderful pictures,

  6. OMGoodness! Such a great, lovely, beautiful,CHIC home. I am in LUST, thanks so much for sharing with us all. I do hope you enjoy the rest of your week.


  7. Beautiful! I just discovered your blog. Awesome! Looking forward to reading and seeing more beauty.

  8. Thank You for Sharing such an Amazing Home..... It Is Breath Taking~

  9. What a beautiful house and perfect for this area where much of the year is cloudy...more light is always welcome! I can't wait to see what comes out of that sweet garden artist cottage!

  10. Goodness me that home is so delightful, I'm almost speechless!
    Thank you for sharing, so glad I just found you! I'll put you in my google reader, so that I can follow you from now on and will have to check out your older posts.
    Warmest wishes from Germany

  11. I am so glad you stopped by and left me a comment. I love your blog and this house is gorgeous. I LOVE everything.
    Thank you for sharing!
    Take Care,

  12. Isabella those are incredible photos, I totally know what you mean about purge all your stuff to get that look, oh how I wish I could make myself do it. I love the look so much. Hugs Florence

  13. Just a tenth of her talent...please, if I could only have just a tenth! Love the placement of the chandis...inspired!

  14. Leah's home and garden are absolutely gorgeous!!! What a treat for you to take us over for a visit, Isabel. p.s. I really like your new blog design

  15. Isabel...what you didn't say:

    Here's someone that offers to help someone, she barely knows, and give up a full day to help "unpack" boxes and do all the dirty work. Who does that? This is all offered on top of the fact that she has 4 incredible children and an equally incredible husband. You are a truly gracious, generous person who I am lucky and privileged to know.

  16. Now, who wouldn't want to live in this most gorgeous home? I just found your blog and what a beautiful blog it is.

  17. Gorgeous home! I so wish I could hang out with you all. ;) Thank you for sharing Leah's beautiful home.


  18. Oh how loverly!!! It reminds me of just being in the clouds.

  19. I found your blo through Ticking and Toile and had to come and say hello! I have had the best time peeking around your beautiful site...thank you!


  20. Hola dear, I have loved her home, so, sooooooo charming!!!!
    First time in your blog, but never the last!!!!!
    Keep coming and coming back...
    Cariños from Chile,
    Maria Cecilia

  21. Totally amazing home, you girls look like great fun to hang out with. LOVE all the photos :0)

  22. Gosh!!!!!!! What a fabulous house she sure does have a wonderful eye for decorating my favorite would be her love for statues she has so many beautiful ones.Her home is so inspiring- I want to go shopping now- Thanks for showing it! Sincerely Jonny

  23. better late than never! i was here as soon as you posted these and yet am now just getting back to comment. i am so impressed with your photos isabelle and as a result i felt no need to post my own. you captured the house, the garden and the friendship perfectly!i am so glad we have had so many opportunities to see one another. you are a good friend, kind generous and VERY fun!

  24. Dear Isabel, I always love your pictures. I usually see you with a camera making magic memories. I have at last added you to my blog page. You know how I am!!!! Doing better!?! See you at next creative date. Good luck at Farm Chicks give my love to all!! Julie

  25. Directed her from Sweet Savannah.... oh the goodness of white. I love her mix of soft blue and striking black!! Going back to look again!!


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