23 June 2010

Coming Home

The sight of my mom's beautiful pink bouganvillia assures me I am home... After a long 19-hour travel, we finally made it to the place where I grew up!!Funny how suddenly many, many memories start coming back to me....

The portuguese azulejos (tiles) and the cobblestone entry are familiar sights...

... as is mom cooking in the kitchen!!!

A gorgeous stone tree graces the entry hall (I made that pillow for my mom year ago!)...

(not to long after we arrived, my kids are crashing!!)

My mom's formal dining room...

My favorite room in the house, the sunroom...

My mom has been working on putting together a guest house in the back yard.... It is still very sparse and in need of warm accessories...


... the stairs will eventually be lined with plants...

Not bad for a view...?!!


  1. Wow Isabel, what beautiful sights you arrived home to see! Those flowers are gorgeous, love the tile, and your Mom's house is stunning. What a fabulous view she has...and how lucky someone will be to stay in her guest house!!! Have a wonderful visit.

  2. Those flowers are amazing! Ah, her home is gorgeous and what an amazing view! Enjoy every moment of it! What a slice of heaven on earth!

  3. Desejo que aproveites ao máximo as tuas férias e que os dias passem lentos e preguiçosos.

    Muitos bjs


  4. Oh, my, Isabel - what a lovely, peaceful place! I would never be able to leave it. Perfection, nothing less.

  5. I love the pic of the bougainvillea, I have the orange and the white in my garden. Lisbon looks similar to the Caribbean , very hot there as well??
    Love Lisa.

    Enjoy your Summer.

  6. Your mom's home is amazing! What a place to visit! She has great decorating style. I love that lamp shade in the dining room, I'll have to go back and see if I can get a closer look at it.

    I'm glad everyone made it safely, what a long trip. I can see why everyone is so tired.

    Have a fun time Isabel!

  7. Stunning! An eye for beauty runs in the family.

    Looking at your pictures I could smell that "portuguese" scent and feel the intense warmth of the sun.

  8. Have a very happy homecoming! I can't wait to see your treasures.

  9. wow! what a wonderful place to come home to! I love how you share photos of your home country... I love seeing other places in the world. You can tell that you have aquired your wonderful taste from your Mama! Have a wonderful time visiting home

    xoxo Heather

  10. So very beautiful- enjoy your time there!!!

  11. Absolutely gorgeous...breathtaking!! enjoy every moment!

  12. That is on gorgeous home. Your Mom's dining room took my breathe away. Love the pool and the view. Can I come visit!

  13. Oh me, oh my, Isabel . . . your mom's home is "magazine" spectacular! (Makes me think I should clean house.) Love the dining room--the celadon is so serene. Almost feels like I'm on vacation just looking at the lovely surroundings. Have a great time with your family and see you in July!


  14. I know you hate to leave your Mother and that beautiful dream place.It is just breath taking. Your Mother's house is a living magazine.I really enjoyed the pictures.

  15. Dreams are made of these visions

  16. Absolutely stunning!! Her home looks like a magazine spread. The view is so beautiful. Your mom has made a lovely home and I can see why you love to go there. I hope your time there is very enjoyable.

  17. You are so LUCKY! Have a wonderful time with your mom and girls! What great cherish forever. xo Glad & Celia/Junebug Design

  18. oh my! So pretty! Have a fun and relaxing time visiting your mom!


  19. Wow....what a beautiful home and a wonderful view! Enjoy your time.

  20. que bela vista mesmo!
    que sorte com o tempo tb!
    a casa é um charme!
    algures nazona de cascais, não?!
    eu vivo na margem sul!
    o meu tlm: 911077189
    caso queira tomar um cafézinho!

  21. look, I am sure you are a great daughter and all, but really, I would fit in there so well. I would help your mom cook, and honestly, can you ever have too many daughters? do you think she would consider another?
    have a marvelous time sweet friend,

  22. An amazing view and beautiful home. Even the guest house would be OK with me. Love it all.

  23. It is a fabulous view! Your mom has great taste! Enjoy your visit!

  24. Tell us more about the stone tree!!!

  25. Amazing! I love the rock work around the pool, the ship in the guest house, the color of the dishes on the mantle in the dining room, okay - everything! Have a wonderful visit in that beautiful place!

  26. That stone tree is an amazing work of art! I just stumbled upon your blog, and find it very welcoming and beautiful. Your mother has exquisite taste. I once had a guest house, and I wouldn't mind living in it myself now. Enjoy your trip!

  27. Gorgeous, Isabel! That view is priceless!

  28. yay! It looks like you are having a wonderful time!!! have many more fun days and travel safe!
    xoxo, Tiffany

  29. So Lovely!!! What a beautiful place to be from and that you can go back and visit!!! Thank You for sharing your wonderful pictures!!!


  30. That has to be the prettiest formal dinning room that I've ever seen. Wow what a beautiful view of the ocean and your Mom garden is lovely.


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