06 November 2010

Tarte's farewell to the barn...

Today was bittersweet.... The last Tarte show at the beautiful barn that has been home to some of the most incredible shows I've ever witnessed. As Cindy gets ready to move to a new location, I have no doubt that she will take along the magic... And we'll follow... 

... Even Barry, aka the King of Tarte, has channeled his creative side into the makings of these very cool bracelets!!

As sad as we are to say goodbye to the barn, I know that Tarte's new venture, in a new location, will be just as exciting, if not more!!!! I'll be giddy with anticipation...!!! As a little tribute, I leave you with some of my favorite pictures of Tarte at the barn....



  1. Thanks for sharing the last barn show with us! Glad to hear she's moving and not closing up shop altogether!
    Happy Sunday!

  2. That last photo is still my favorite shot!

  3. Hi Isabel,
    The PNW has such stunning shows and Tarte is one of the best...We hope to get out to the West Coast to see them all...Love to follow all the excitement on your blog, you seem to be in all the best places and have a lovely aesthetic that inspires! Thank You! Lalo.

  4. Hi Isabel, so sorry I could not make the show, so wanted to be there. Thank you for the pictures, at least this way I got to be a part of Tarte's last show at her barn. So lovely, can't wait for her new location. I'm sure it will be as magical as this one. Carol Robinson

  5. Awww Isabel....makes me a little teary just looking at your photos. Thank you for such a lovely tribute to the will be missed. However...I am so excited about the future of Tarte....
    xoxoxoxoxo Cindy

  6. Ah....feast for the eyes, I tell you! Pure creative talent. Thanks for sharing! I never made it to the barn but hopefully will be able to check out Tarte's new local.....

  7. Oooh I would just love to get loose in that barn - my eyes were popping at all the gorgeous things I could whisk away and give a new home to!!
    Great photographs thank you so much Isabel.
    Take care

  8. Oh my gosh how gorgeous !!!
    I am in love with each and
    every single thing in
    your beautiful pictures !

  9. Gorgeous... the Lab in the chair is priceless! Hugs, Janna

  10. Such gorgeous photos!
    Gone before I ever had a chance to visit. :-(
    Maybe I can make it to the West coast for the new location. It looks like a fabulous show.

    Kimberly :-)

  11. Oh, how I would love to shop here! Will look forward to seeing her new place. Jan

  12. Wow, love all the photos - they are all gorgeous.

    Leann x

  13. Thank you for sharing. I felt like I was there. Can't wait to hear Cindy's future plan. Hugs Florence

  14. Those are fabulous picture of her shows. Sorry to hear moving I hope someplace around Portland?

    Isabel can you help me find prices for Atelier des Ours.
    clothing there is an outfit I am just dying to have on her blog. The one with pot a dots purple ones. Please help!!!!!!!!


  15. Beautiful post Isabel..just lovely:)

  16. Great photos Isabel! Cindy is truly amazing. I can't wait to see what she does next!

  17. These images are fantastic...what treasures and I imagine that they were impossible to resist. I am sure the new venue will be equally amazing....xv

  18. Thank you for sharing Isabel! Such great inspirations. I always wanted to make it there, but sadly never did. Love it all so much. :)


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