13 January 2011

Objets trouvés (and a visit to Clovis)

We spent our Christmas visiting my husband's family in Fresno, California. We had a wonderful holiday vacation, and the kids really enjoyed spending time with Grandma, cousins and uncles and aunts. I  purposely stayed away from activities that took me away from my family, but only asked for a couple of hours in Clovis, a darling little town nearby rich with antique stores and quaint restaurants.

Everything was beautiful but very pricey, but I did manage to find something I could actually afford: three old ledger books dated from 1893. I just love the handwriting!!!

With this cold and rainy weather, I have not been feeling like getting out to shop, but I did visit a local flea market and came home with a few treasures...

... sweet old trophy...

... floral hat box...

... old measuring stick...

... vintage children's linen book...

... old sconce (gotta love the chippy paint!)

... set of vintage children's cafe curtains...

... old crochet laundry bag...

... sweet baby dress...

... Old quilted teddy bear...

... vintage beaded purse...

... old baby dresses...

And finally, at a darling little local shop (which I featured here), I bought a couple of dried rosebud garlands... The owner also makes gorgeous floral head pieces that she sells for people who attend renaissance fairs.


  1. i love old town.....I sold at clovis antique mall and goode old days.....if u ever head this way again...shoot me a little message on my blog...Clovis has amazing antique stores but I know about 10 thrift shops that are perfect for us bargain hunters and resellers...also twice a October and march clovis has an antique faire and great deals can b had!....Hope u have a happy new year :)

  2. Thanks for sharing the nice post. HUGS MARY

  3. What a precious little town!! And you found some great the silver trophy and the children's book! And that measuring stick!

    Great finds!

    Lou Cinda

  4. When I was growing up Clovis didn't have a very good reputation. My has it changed. Loved seeing it. Also loved see your treasures.

  5. Love the pictures of Clovis. That looks like a fun place to scout out. And the Ledger Books...LOVE them. I'm with you and like the old books and handwriting. Happy New Year from Houston, Tx!

  6. That's a beautiful garland. I may try and replicate it since I always have so many rose buds from my bushes and always want to try and make something with them. I also want to say thanks since your blog directs a lot of traffic to mine.

  7. What a cute town! And you found some wonderful treasures. I love those ledger books and that hat box is fab! Do you ever go out and NOT find anything Isabel? You always seem to find a treasure or two. Vanna

  8. Isabel... I was in that part of the world too for Christmas!!! I wish I had made it to Clovis!!!!! We stayed at a lake in Piedra...maybe your husband knows the area!!!
    Anyway....clovis looks like a much better time than a lake....with a boat that never showed up to fish out of!!!


  9. Clovis?!?!?! I grew up 50 miles away ~ can't believe that cow town is all grown up!!
    TFS all the treasures... next time I go home...

  10. Hey, you were in my neck of the woods. Went to college in Fresno, as did my sis, she decided to stay & lives in Clovis---so we are up there quite a bit! :) Hugs & Blessings!

  11. What awesome finds! I love the laundry bag. I have not seen one like that before.I also really like the beaded purse.I always really enjoy reading your blog.


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