19 June 2011

Le Cirque de Tarte

I can't tell you how exciting it is to see my friend Cindy's magical vision come to life... Everywhere I turn, something truly stirs my senses, it reflects a combination of love of the old with a bohemian, gypsy-like spirit, whimsical and fun!! Tarte is a store located in Aurora, OR and is open every third weekend of each month. If you have not been to Aurora, you are in for a treat! It is a quaint little town with lots of antique shops, a huge architectural salvage center and a quaint museum... A do-no-miss destination!!!


  1. Hello Isabel

    What an amazing, eclectic mix of furniture, furnishings, clothes and accessories. It would have been fun to visit but, alas, I am too far away. So, thank you for posting these pictures.


  2. It looks so great! I have to make a trip out there soon.

  3. Cindy has an amazing eye for display! I hope I'm able to make it to her store one of those third weekends *winks* Love love it! Vanna

  4. Amazing! A real study of design and display! What a treat to see your pictures.

  5. Okay Isabel,,,,,,do you think she would mind terribly much if I just moved into her booth? I LOVE IT ALL! I'm putting it on my "Go See" list,,,A-mazing! Thanks for sharing!

    Hope you had a good weekend and "Dad's" Day today!

    Hugs and Love,

  6. Really it looks so great! I have to make a trip out there soon.Best study of design and display. What a great way to see your pictures.

  7. Hi Isabel :)
    I just found your blog and OMG its soulheaven. I reblogged one of your pictures hope you dont mind, of course with a link back to here :)



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