21 September 2011

Lost and forgotten...

 The other day, as I was going through my attic treasures, I came across a black trash bag full of pillows. When I opened it, I realized they were brought back from a show a long time ago... So long, in fact, that I had completely forgotten about them! Among the pillows was this set of shams by Pine Cone Hill. I couldn't believe I had tried to sell them at one point... I love them so much and they look wonderful in my bedroom!!!

Have you ever sold something only to regret it? Have you tried to sell something for a while, then ended up finding the perfect spot for it in your own home? That has happened to me...

I tried to sell this darling cabinet for months, and when I brought it home I found a spot for it in the girls bathroom...

This darling hand painted folk art lampshade was in the market for almost a year before I brought it to my bedroom...

I had this scale at shows all summer long until I found a resting place for it in my dining room buffet...

Some treasures are finding themselves just "resting" for a while, some remain longer... Who knows... My treasures may be yours one day! I guess we are the ultimate recyclers!!


  1. Everything old, thank goodness, becomes new again.

  2. I always cringe when I sell something I really love... will I regret it?? usually I don't... and if I do, there's always another....

  3. Your pillows are so sweet, if I were you I'll keep them with me!
    Your blog is really very very nice!
    Have a good day

  4. Isabel,
    Too funny! I do that all the time, sometimes with big regrets over what I've sold....but I'm getting better at making really sure before I sell something.

  5. I love finding hidden treasures!!!

  6. I love everything I find or make and it's so hard for me to sell or give away anything...but I'm working on that change in my life....I like your pink stripped shams and the white cabinet...cute things....Mel's Designs from the Cabin....Mel

  7. Your treasures are all so beautiful. Yes, I have done the same thing, selling something and regretting it later and also not being able to sell something and then finding the perfect spot for it.

  8. Yes it happens to me too. There have been several times I've run to my booth to bring something home to find it's gone. Then other times I'll think I can't believe someone hasn't snatched this up. It's really hard to figure out what people will want. Your shams are lovely, Pine Cone favorite.


  9. Oh yes!! I do this all of the time...bring things home that have sat on a shelf for awhile at the shop. Often times I will take them back in and am surprised that they sell right away. Your home is amazing as are your collections! So pretty!


  10. It's exciting when that happens! Rediscovering something is always fun! The pillows look lovely.

  11. I love what it happens . I also sometimes forget about my treasures

  12. How true! I always say that my house is decorated in stuff I couldn't sell. Luckily I only buy what I love, and never try to sell things that aren't my style. So, I'm happy being stuck with them.

  13. I do sometimes regret a sale. I had a birdcage with a stand that wasn't selling and I suddenly came up with a reason to use it in my home. Wouldn't you know when I went to take it out of my booth space it had sold that morning. It is hard to pick what to keep so it is fun to use something for a bit then move on to the next find.

  14. It is fun to enjoy an old thing for awhile and then pass it on at the right moment. Love that cabinet in your girl's bathroom. Sometimes when I need a gift I just peek around my house to see if I have something to use for a gift. Often I do find something to pass along and I love it because then I can search for a new/old gift for my home.


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