04 August 2012

Barn House Vintage Marketplace 2012

There are not enough words to describe what it was like to be at this special event... The Boys of Barn House really know how to put together the most amazing show, the site is beautiful, the treasures are the best,  the energy is electrifying, the people are the friendliest, and the vendors are family. Enjoy these pictures, it is just a small sample of all the beauty you could find at the BH Vintage Marketplace last weekend...!!


... And finally some photos os my booth...

My favorite helper, my daughter Anna and I


  1. Thanks so much for sharing! I always look forward to all of your pictures of the vintage shows now that I'm on the east coast and can't go them anymore.

    Have a great weekend,


  2. Oh, such wonderful right brain candy! Wonderful inspiration for the creativity bug. Thank you!

  3. These pictures are AMAZING! What a wonderful show - such talent. Will they have it again?! I want to go!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Isabel,
    What great pictures...I so WISH to be able to visit you all up in the great North West. Your booth looked amazing...enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


  5. What a wonderful show! So many nice things. I am going to have to study each picture to see it all! Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Oh how I wish some of these wonderful shows were in the east. Beautiful photos, your booth looked stunning as usual.

  7. Ohhhh...I needed that!! Someday I hope to get there. Thank you for sharing Isabel!!

  8. Beautiful Isabella, Your sweet spirit shines through! Hugs! Florence

  9. REALLY.....are you kidding me....thats it I am moving,as a matter of fact I am moving in with you.....and I am going to be like "gum on your shoe" and go everywhere with not fair,but thanks for the inspiration,xoxo

  10. Beautiful booth, a lot of hard work and it shows in the attention to details...a keen eye for things that work together...inspire me...thanks again....Mel's Designs

  11. Loved seeing you and Anna at the Barn House. I just love browsing this marketplace.

  12. I would seriously spend so much money there! That white farm table...225..??? really>?? What a deal! That little bird picture would have been brought home, for sure. You and Anna look adorable!

    Next year: Barn House for me!


  13. LOVE IT ALL!!! I think I have to pin that manni with the peacock feathers to Pinterest. I'll be sure to link back to this post. Thanks for sharing. Charlene

  14. Gorgeous chandy in your booth and I love your pillows!

  15. Thanks so much for taking me on the tour...what an awesome show!


  16. So beautiful! I could spend forever there.

    I love how creative you are and you are seriously so talented in the way that you display things. I was wondering if you have any good ideas on how to display some random things (buckles, pins, marbles, rings, broken china)I have found in the yard of my historic home. - I wrote a blog post to enter my kitchen for a makeover contest, and I included a picture of some things I have found. So, if you want to see a picture of what I am talking about you can go to I love them, but really don't know what to do with them. I would love any ideas! Thanks!

  17. Wow! That was really vintage and I like it. I never experience buying in a vintage market place. That was exciting. Any updates? Thank you.


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