23 June 2008

London Calling!!

We are back from London!! We had a great time, visited most of the famous landmarks, did some shopping, and I even squeezed in a visit to Portobello Road and Bermondsey antiques street fair!! The day before we left, I came to my sister´s house so I could print our e-tickets itinerary, but her printer wasn´t working, so I copied the tickets numbers, the flight number and departure times. We arrived at the airport wednesday morning, and were told our flight had left an hour before... You see, yours truly copied the arrival time in London, rather than the departure time from Lisbon...!!! Talk about feeling dumb!!! Because the tickets were non refundable, we basically had to buy new tickets... Fortunately, they had a flight leaving in a few hours, so we made it to London that afternoon!

We packed in quite a bit the first few days. We stayed at the Langorf Hotel (three stars), in Hampstead, and really enjoyed it! The two studios had a sitting area and a small kitchen with a refrigerator and a washing machine, so it was perfect for us and the kids! Definitely a good value for the money. Rather than going to a restaurant every night, we just stayed in and cooked in the room. It was just a five minute walk from the underground station. The kids really liked the double decker hop on, hop off bus, which we used to go to the London Eye (big ferris wheel), London Tower, Houses of Parlament, Covent Garden, St Paul Cathedral, Buckingham Palace and much more!!

My husband was keen on going back to his favorite fish and chips place, called The Seashell, and we were all glad we did, the fish there is delicious! The kids enjoyed a visit to Hamleys, an amazing toy store, and I snuck out to go a block up to Liberty's, where I bought some wonderful fabric! We also took them to Abbey Road, they know very little about the Beattles but we figured one day they will appreciate it (plus, it was close to where we used to live, so we were able to take them there...). Friday I left very early on my own to visit the Bermondsey antiques fair, where I found some cute little things. I will post pictures of this visit later, together with my visit to Portobello Road the next day, where I found some cool treasures!!

We even made it to a musical! I took the three girls to see WICKED, a really fun musical play about the witches from the Wizard of Oz. They really loved it! At the last minute, I tried to see if we could all go see Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, but they had no discount tickets for that day, so the agent suggested Wicked, and I am happy he did!

In all, we had a great time and will always cherish this time we had together visiting this beautiful city!! I will share pictures of my antiques adventures in a future post. Stay tuned!!


  1. Thank you for sharing your visit to London! I work in London and love it!

    And isn't Liberty's great!! I love popping along there after work for a browse!

    Can't wait to see how you got on at Portobello & Bermondsey - can't you believe I haven't been to either!

    Victoria xxx

  2. The Abbey Road shot is great the kids will cherish that always. Thanks for sharing your trek tru that part of the world. Happy Junken Trails

  3. Wow! What a fun and fantastic vacation. Love your pictures! Your moms home is so pretty too. Can't wait to see pics of all your treasures when you get home.

  4. Hi Isabelle! I finally caught up on blog reading. Thanks so much for showing my booth at Farm Chicks and mentioning me- that was so sweet. It was So much fun , I am looking forward to next year. Your Mom's home is beautiful - can we come visit, too? I hope to see you in Silverton. Take care , Sue

  5. You are bringing back such wonderful memories of my own trip.
    Love your "Beatles".


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