12 June 2008

... More Farm Chicks!!

As promised, here are some more pictures of this wonderful show!! I wanted to post them before going on vacation tomorrow, we will be visiting my family in Lisbon for 2 1/2 weeks, with a small 4 day trip to London. I will try to post while at my mom's, and hopefully keep you posted throughout my trip!!

Here is sweet Joy, from Auntie's...

... and Cindy's gorgeous booth, from Tarte...

... Sue Rawley's dreamy booth (she is also a dealer at Monticello and a good friend)...

...Vicky and Beth, from Gossamer Designs, the best neighbors we could ask for...

... and finally one of the most amazing booths I have ever seen, Heather Bullard's, from Present Past...

... Some more eye candy!!

On a different note, I would like to leave you with a picture of our favorite ballerina!

... err.. wrong picture!!! Here she is, my daughter Anna right after her ballet recital!! She did a brilliant job!


  1. Wish you a safe & good trip to your home country! Let your family over there spoil you rotten -)
    I am taking off for Norway the 2nd week of July-3wks.
    When you go to London, make sure you get to see one of Cath Kidston's stores (I had a stop-over a few years back and it was GREAT).

  2. Farm chicks looks like soooo much fun. Whata CUTE daughter by the way =D

  3. It looks like you had soo much fun!! I will have to go next year!! xo Britt :-)

  4. Oh WOW!! I want to visit all the booths and buy it all!!! I love everything!!

  5. Oh, to have been there before the doors opened...


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