30 April 2009

Saving Marta

Marta is a sweet little 4 year old Portuguese girl who has recently been diagnosed with acute Leukemia and is urgently needing a bone marrow transplant... Unfortunately, her parents and siblings are not suitable donors, so a huge campaign has been launched to find a donor, and thousands of people have already submitted a blood sample! I just wanted to put the word out there, it would be wonderful if we could help Marta or a little child like her!! For more information on how you can become a bone marrow donor, go to BMDW. If you are not able to donate, it would be a tremendous help to keep the word going around!! Ajudar a Marta has a Facebook page. Let's save Marta!!


  1. I will pray that a match is found for Marta! I've been registered with BMDW since I was in my 20's...never been called. What a wonderful post to help get the word out! ~Mindy

  2. What a beautiful baby...I will pray for her...
    Thank you soooo much Isabel for your sweet comment.

  3. What an angel! We need to be reminded of those around us;- in need of help! Thanks, Isabel!
    Hugs, Sylvi

  4. good for you - this blog land is good for so much isn't it??

    prayers are with her~

  5. this is what we're here for!!

    what a beautiful baby

  6. I will pray for the beautiful Marta and that a donor be soon be found. Last year one of our friend's son needed a BM transplant and we all got tested. So, my heart goes out to Marta's family.


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