16 April 2009

Weekly happenings

I made my weekly trip to Monticello today to fluff up my space, and I am glad I did, as it was pretty messy!!! I couldn't help doing a little shopping, as usual...

Here is a picture of my lovely finds (including a few from last week, that I hadn't shown yet).

I am absolutely in love with this adorable christening gown...!!

... and I love this old sewing box, complete with notions!

A while ago I found this strange metal thing (what is it, a shade, a planter....?). It was black so I painted it a cream color and antiqued it with some gel stain... It will go on top of a floor lamp that I found at a sale for $2. What will I use it for? I thought it would be a cute display rack for aprons or dresses ( the hangers would hand on those curly things!). All it needs is a finial on top and it's ready to go!

Today I also finished a project! I found an old metal card table at a thrift store a while back that was in desperate need of a new cover. So I stopped by the fabric store and bought a piece of pink and cream polkadot oilcloth... Much better now!!


  1. All your finds are fantastic, the christening gown just exquisite.

    Have a wonderful Friday!

  2. Oh, Isabelle, I always love what you find. You even got a vintage fabric shoe rack - do you see them very often, because I would love one. And your two projects are fabulous. You always have the right touch.

  3. Wonderful finds! Wished I lived closer to be able to visit that Antique Mart! Your idea for the metal curly thingie for holding aprons, etc. is genius! Very clever...Have a great weekend!
    Be well, Laura

  4. I Love all the items you came home with-yes, the christening gown is beautiful. I love my bedsprings and have used them like Joy does-instant charm! The same with that off-white thingy you found it will be great for display!
    THANKS so much for the sweet visits you have made to my place-it has been crazy busy over here getting ready for my sale-I'm sure you *completely* gals over there are my heroes...I don't know how you keep doing event after event!
    It was good to see you at Joy's-wish we could have chatted a bit more though. Have a great weekend!

  5. Isabelle, I'm crazy about the metal thing. It's things like that I buy and think about it later what I'm going to do with it. I love that thing!

    Have a Great Day-

  6. Monticello must be a wonderful marketplace. You always show the cutest and prettiest things that you get there. Debbie

  7. The christening gown is so very nice....I came across some Victorian nightgowns! Only bought one, but I think I might just go back and get the others...why?
    to appreciate them right? lol

  8. Love, love, love, your new found items!
    BTW: Did you see my new, favorite fabric designer I posted on my blog? Should be right up your alley, dear!
    Maybe I'll see you at Tarte's Saturday!

  9. Your space is looking darlin'. All the soft colors are so inviting. ~Mindy

  10. I LOVE your new metal rack. Yes, put lots of pretty aprons on it!! Is your polka dot table material REAL oilcloth or the newer vinyl stuff?? If it is real oilcloth, which fabric store did you get it in?? The real stuff is HARD to find!

  11. Hello Isabelle,I saw your name on Tracie's blog,so I thought I would vist.The christening gown is just drop dead gorgeous.It truely is.And you did an outstanding job on the table.I love it.You have a really nice blog.Hugs Marie Antionette

  12. Everything is so beautiful, Great job on your Card table!

  13. Maybe you could make the metal "thingie" you painted cream into a May Pole in a couple weeks. Love all your finds.

  14. If I ever get there, Monticello will be first on my list. Your space looks divine!
    xo Lidy

  15. I love that dresser.
    Hope to see you at our show.
    Enjoy the sunshine.

  16. Great finds! I have never seen a pink christening gown. Here people don't take risks and use the gown for more than one kid, so I only have seen white.
    Have a nice weekend!

  17. Hello Isabel
    Monticello is so full of beautiful things. Maybe it is just as well I don't live near there otherwise I would be broke everymonth after a visit there! You have acquired some beautiful things!
    Isabelle x

  18. Wow... great finds!! Your posts are always packed full of goodies and so many ideas, thanks!! Chrissy

  19. Such pretty finds!
    That sewing box is fabulous and I love that metal thingy. It will be a perfect display rack!

    Kimberly :)

  20. OH OH!
    I have one of those metal round what ever's too!!
    I don't know what it was supposed to be, but love love love your idea to put it on an old lamp. And, I just happen to have one of those, too.

    Thanks for the great idea.
    Now, back to check out more of your lovely blog.

    Barbara Jean


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