10 August 2009

Hot Blogust Night in Snohomish!

Wow! I wish I could use just this word to summarize our last weekend!! Lisa and I took off on Friday to stay with our friend Timi and attend a blog party in Snohomish, WA (close to Seattle)! On our way up, we were thrilled to be able to stop by Kim's (Mimi Charmante) house... We loved meeting her boys and absolutely fell in love with her lovely home!! Kim is absolutely a doll and we are so happy to have met her!

Timi's home was a sweet sight, as we were tired and excited to see our friend! That evening, a few of Timi's friends came over and we were over the moon about how nice everyone was!! We had a blast with a junk exchange, but had to swear in blood that we wouldn't reveal our junk prizes, as some of us "allegedly" may have brought along some gifts from friends that we never had the heart to admit we didn't like.... Naughty, I know!

Timi was the best hostess ever!!! She even treated us to homemade scones and hot crab sandwiches (sorry, we ate devoured them too fast to even get a picture...)!

You know it is always a good sign when your hostess's dog eats out of crystal bowls on a silver platter....

Saturday morning and early afternoon was spent doing one of our favorite things : junking!!! I have never seen so many garage sales in one little town!!! We even came across a huge pile of free stuff!! This is what the truck looked like by the time we got home...

Then it was time to head down to downtown Snohomish for the blog party!! A few lovely shops were going to be open late and we were excited to meet other bloggers (we all had our blog badges - I was wearing a makeshift badge I made 5 minutes before leaving the house, as I had forgotten mine...).

The first stop was Annie's on First, a lovely shop owned by Annie and Mary (I soooo forgot to take a picture of them!!).

Lisa and I ready for a fun night!!!!

Here is Laura on the left, Kim on the right, and Melaine, from My Sweet Savannah, which I was absolutely thrilled to meet in person!!

Shortly after, we headed to a fabulous shop called Faded Elegance. The owner, Kimberly, was spoiling us with champagne!!

I am so sorry, but my mind went to a naughty place when I saw this... Too funny!

Her upholstered pieces were to die for...!!!

Then it was time to stop by Joyworks , a wonderful shop owned by Jana and her mother Claris. What a truly delightful duo...!!! This is where I found one of my favorite purchases, a set of three vintage pink barkcloth panels headed to my master bathroom!!

I fell in love with this bamboo rug... Isn't it gorgeous?!!

We also visited a couple more stores, such as Inside Out and Curly Willow. In all my excitement, I forgot to take pictures of some fellow bloggers we were happy to see again, such as Debi (Ormolulu), or that we met for the first time, like Amber (Tres Birds) and Trisha (La.Te.Da Love). Timi's friend Dani was also a delight, but I don't think she has a blog... It was truly a memorable event!!!

Here is what I came home with....

Everything in the next picture came from the free pile...

... as did this blue chair!

This child's hutch is just darling!

This is my favorite purchase of the weekend, a set of three vintage barkcloth panels in excellent condition in my favorite color... Can't wait to hang them in my bathroom!!

Well, if you have made it this far on this post, you get an award for the most loyal reader, I think this is probably my longest post to date!! Thank you for sticking around!


  1. It was great fun meeting you this weekend. You found a lot of stuff!! I should go junking in Snohomish more often.
    I'm so glad my curtains found a good home...

  2. Hey Sweetie! Looks like a wonderful weekend! Love the pix!

  3. What a great tour! Thanks for sharing it with blogland. I loved it:)

  4. Fantastic! You know how to have a good time! I sure wish I could find vintage wallpaper around here - an old trunk I "trash-picked" is crying out for some! Lucky girl!

  5. you look like so much fun! I'm not sure which pile I like more: curb or store....the child's hutch is definitely a great find...
    what a great weekend for you with all these friends!

  6. Who wouldn't have stuck around to read about that wonderful trip. It was perfect. And now I must put that town on my list of places to go to.
    A blog party...what fun.
    Beatiful finds too.
    Love your barkcloth.

  7. Looks like you ladies had a great weekend. You really scored with all your items. Thanks for sharing.

  8. So fun! Great friends, great shops, and great finds!!


  9. Wow what a great weekend, thrifting, free stuff, friends and memories...that is an equation for happiness! Thank you for sharing, I always love seeing your photos!

  10. Of course I stuck around to the end...had to see all the great finds and was afraid I might miss something. (girl, you know I'm the queen of long posts...gotta do something about that). All the shops are wonderful. What great shopping opportunities!

  11. What a fun weekend!! And what an AWESOME free pile!! It was so fun to be able to meet you and Lisa! Come back soon!

  12. Love your finds, it seems I also seem to pick up those old cigar boxes, don't really know why, but I just like them. You got some beautiful things.


  13. Looks like you a had a FUN girls weekend! Great Finds Too! Love your photos. Glad & Celia/Junebug

  14. You did really good with all those treasures and to spend some time with all those other fellow bloggers, how fun was that. I am a long post blogger I seem to have trouble deciding what to post and what to just enjoy myself, so I hope people don't get bored with mine. I sure enjoy yours.

  15. You got some great stuff... and all that fun to boot! Lucky girl! I love your blog, you take the best pictures!!!

  16. Great post, you find the bestest stuff! I'm heading up to Monticello from Eugene area on Thursday and am looking for some vintage floral wallpaper, hope you have some in your booth!

  17. Isabel,
    So great you came up this weekend, was fun meeting you gals in person. Great post about the day, you take better photos than I!
    Looks like you went home with some great finds too.
    Hope to see you again in the future!
    Linda Q

  18. Great time, great stores, great food AND free stuff! Lucky you! I just love the crystal bowls on the silver tray!
    Hugs, Lisa

  19. wow! I would have fought you for that barkcloth! LOL! Gorgeous! and all your other finds - I sure wish we had those kinds of shops here in New England - they seem to be few and far between - I might have to move :-)


  20. What a fabulous post my friend! I was so thrilled to have you and Lisa by, and can't wait to see you again~

  21. Oh my gosh, what a fun weekend! You made a great haul!!!!Thanks for the thoughts for Winston. You are one busy blogger. Julie

  22. Darling post!!! Looks like you had sooo much fun!! You got really cute things!! Yay for the free finds!! I hope you have a great night!! Hugs!!! Britt :-)

  23. Looks like you guys had a great time! Thanks for sharing!

  24. I just love Snohomish.....and Joy Works, what a fun place, I really wanted to tell you it was so nice to meet this last weekend at Monticello, the other Tracey and myself had a great time looking at all the wonderful Junk!!!!! It was my first time! again such a pleasure to finally say hello in person....... Tracey

  25. Looks like an amazing weekend, thanks for sharing.

    ~Camas Antiques

  26. Isabel, thank you for your sweet words. I am doing better. Not so much pain as general fatigue anymore. Girllll, you had one heck of an adventure! How much fun was that? Shopping and fun people. Love it! ~Mindy

  27. It was wonderful to have you all visit our little town! I hope you enjoyed visiting as much as we enjoyed having you here!!

    Let's do it again SOON!!

    (aka another Joyworks gal,, or

  28. Thanks for the tips on all of the cool vintage spots in Snohomish! Gotta get up there..totally worth the three hour drive.

    How fun you got to visit with fellow bloggers~women are so great about connecting, aren't they?

  29. Oh my Gosh so much fun. What a fun trip.Loved all the pictures. The free pile looked good also.

    Janice In Missouri

  30. Looks like a wonderful weekend! Love the pix

    Work From Home

  31. Wonderful post, just wonderful!!!

    Great finds, great pics, and lots of fun thrown in.

    blessings and thanks for sharing.

    barbara jean


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