24 August 2009

Land of Tarte and Willow Nest

Even though we had a large soccer tournament this weekend, I did not want to miss a visit to the Land of Tarte with guest vendor Willow Nest!!! Did you see me there with my cute little pantaloons...??!!

Linda and Ludmil saved much of their pink goodness for this show, and what eye candy that was!!! The magic began before we even set foot inside the barn...

Once you enter those doors, be prepared to be transported to another world... I went around in circles afraid that I was going to miss something! When you combine the wonderful prettiness of Willow Nest with Cindy's incredible vision and the twins amazing antique wares, you know you are in for an absolute treat!!!

We had a wonderful time visiting with old and new friends! One of the highlights of my day was when this lady stopped me (I wish I had gotten her name...), pointed at me and said.... "Pineapple Brownies!". I said yes, that was me who posted the recipe on my blog! She called her husband, and when she told him that I was the one who had posted the recipe, his eyes lit up and he gave me two kisses on the cheek! I think it is fair to say he likes Pineapple Brownies!!!!

Noy only did I come home with great memories, to top it all I brought home the most wonderful find!! A vintage fabric covered box that is truly to die for!!! And, to put the cherry on top, my daughter and her team won both of their soccer games that day!!! I couldn't have been happier!


  1. What I wouldn't have given to be able to make it down there! Thank you for taking such wonderful photos so that I could at least see what I missed...

  2. Fantastic Pictures!
    I adore the one i enlarged only to find Lisa and her smile peeking over your shoulder,made me laugh.
    You have a very beautiful blog i have followed you for so long but this is my first comment :-))
    Love Kristina X

  3. It all looks so fantastic, I can't believe I live so far away!!!!! What a fabulous set up, you guys must have worked so hard!!! Looks just beautiful!!!!!
    Margaret B

  4. Delicious... how awesome to live near the Queen, the Barn Boy's and so many others. Have a great day!


  5. Your photos have captured the magic! Oh, could that I have been there. Thanks for the glimpse.

  6. A vintage collectors dream and I couldn't attend.

  7. Hello,

    More wonderful photos....a feast for my eyes! I do wish I could find this type of gathering in my area.

    Have a wonderful day,

  8. As always, sweet Isabel, your photos are amazing. Love the one of your pantaloons and of course, us in the mirror. Thanks for laughing with me about my "brain defect." I'm fine now, BTW. So silly. Don't forget to put a sticker on that box for me. hee hee

    Love you!


    P.S. Someone is still just looking at the pictures. ha ha

  9. Isabel--You really should have had a photo of you and Lisa to show your whole chic!!!!

    Tarte was great as always...bought great stuff from the Twins, Cindy and Willow Nest.

    your photos captured it!!!!

    Gayle from Stars

  10. Ohhh I could just melt melt melt!!!! These photos make my heart allll a flutter!!! Thanks SO SO much for sharing!!!

    swoooning on the jersey shore!!!

    xoxo Jenny

  11. Girl those pics are just dreamy, love all of the junk!! Janna

  12. Oh, I wish I could have been there. I had signed up for a class on Saturday and if it hadn't taken place I would have been there. I love both Tarte and Willows Nest. I use to shop at Willows Nest when they were in Oregon. When I retired I headed out there to shop for a treat and they were gone. Sniff! Thanks for sharing your pictures and I would love to see your whole outfit.

  13. You and Lisa were very cute in your vintage duds--

    and the sale was great--bought from Willow Nest, the Twins and Queen....

    great photos...


  14. GORGEOUS....I LOVE ALL THE EYE CANDY! Thanks for sharing :)

  15. Thank you for the wonderful photos. I saved a lot of money seeing the show this way.....Sandi

  16. Oh Isabel, thank you so very much for showing us all the wonderful photos ~ everything is so gorgeous!!! xxoo, Dawn

  17. What a magical and beautiful land of Tarte. Thanks for sharing those beautfiul photos with us, Isabel.

  18. Great looking show! I love your pantaloons!

  19. Okay, do tell, where did you find those sweet, sweet pantaloons. They are so cute. Loved all the photos and thanks for sharing them with us.
    Carol Casey

  20. Hi Isabel! Love your bloomers!
    Thanks for sharing your pics, someday maybe I will get down south to Tarte land.

  21. you captured the essence of the perfect event with these photos isabel. and those pantaloons.... to die for! if only i would let myself wear such a thing. i want to i really do... and looking through your blog i see you have been traveling all over meeting so many wonderful and creative people! you lucky girl you :)

  22. THat looks fabulous! I would have loved to have been there!!!!! Jen

  23. Isabel, thanks for taking us along with you...that show looks many pretty things to see...the billowing fabric on the ceiling is so beautiful...i love the box that you found, it is gorgeous...i can never find fabric or wallpaper covered goodies here, so i have to get my fix in blogland:)
    oh, your bloomers are TDF cute!!!

  24. I just want to cry....everything is just so beautiful...we don't have ANYTHING like this girls all do it so well across the pond...if something is a bit chipped or tatty here, its seen as something to be thrown away...not displayed with pride and enjoyed...:( I come to you for my 'fix'! Thanks so much for sharing,
    Niki x

  25. How could anyone in fairly decent distance could miss that WONDERFUL PLACE! I wish I lived closer...sigh...but I'm so glad you can travel there for us and share these awesome shoots!

    Loving the pantaloons!!!

  26. great photos. I lvoe this tuff. I have never seen anything like it around here.

  27. Love the pantaloons! Love the pics.
    Your "where I create" space was my FAVORITE!

  28. Looks absolutely delightful! Love those adorable pantaloons ;)

  29. Oh my...that photo with the day beds and pink flowers...stunning!! What a treat this post is,thanks!! All the best,Chrissy

  30. HI Isabelle! Hope you have had a great summer! Looks like you scored at that garage sale! LOVE the pantaloons!
    xoxo, Tiffany


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