03 November 2009

Latest vintage finds

A visit to our local monthly flea market sometimes yields only a few finds, but this last weekend I came home with an incredible amount of vintage treasures....!!! My money truly went very far, as quite a few of these sweet items only cost a dollar or two...

This is the sweetest perfume bottle, love the rose painted stopper!!!

... This sweet box revealed a sweet treasure inside...

... I thought these would make great candle holders...!

Love, love, love this old shelf, I think it will make its debut at Stars in a few weeks!

... This book was quickly confiscated by my son...!

... How sweet is this doll bunk bed...?!

... Someone's box of rings made out of small spoons...

... The dealer told me this was an old honey sifter...

... You know I always save my favorite for last.... I absolutely fell in love with these tiny little shoes with wooden soles.... So sweet!! I may just have to keep them...


  1. That is an amazing haul! You really scored some wonderful treasures! I can't decide what I like's all fabulous!
    Take care, Laura

  2. You did find some great things Isabel! Yes and I'm with you I think the little shoes are a keeper.

  3. Amazing, amazing finds! I would love to shop with you...hehe!

  4. Isabel, you always find the best stuff!!!!! And SHOULD keep those precious shoes! xxoo, Dawn

  5. This is a Fabulous collections of items. I would love to have been shopping with you. I may have to move to Oregon!

  6. Wow! you did really well. Just much do you think you spent in all? Congratulations on such wonderful finds! Stan

  7. The Sweet GardeniaNovember 4, 2009 at 5:19 AM

    Oh-me, Oh-my I think I just died and went to heaven! I wish the fleas here were as good as the fleas there. I love all of your wonderful finds, more than the sweet shoes would be keepers.
    ~The Sweet Gardenia

  8. Those tiny shoes are so precious. I love the camp stools and embelished sweater ( I have a little stash of those myself), but I really love the religious print. Are you going to be selling it?

  9. oh, my! What GREAT stuff! I definitely want to move to the PNW! Awesome shops, fleas, antique fairs, etc! Love it all, Isabel!

  10. Hi there! When you have a second stop by my blog I left you an award this morning.


  11. wow, you found some great things, love the shelf. what do you think you will do with it? love to see...jules

  12. You found some AMAZING "Vintage Treasures"!!! All GREAT finds!!!

  13. Sweet finds! Love those little shoes.

  14. Isabel, what awesome treasures!
    Sooner or later I will come to Oregon and shop with you!!


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