29 November 2009

We wouldn't want Santa to miss us...

Today was a beautiful day here in the Pacific Northwest, so my sweet husband braved the heights to finish our Christmas lights... This is truly my favorite season in the year, and it brings back fond childhood memories!!! Some of my favorite Christmas memories growing up in my beloved Lisbon include street vendors selling roasted chestnuts and streets lined with incredible lights... I was always mesmerized by them and thought they were the coolest thing ever!!!! Impulsively I searched the internet to find some pictures to share... Though not as bright and festive as they were in my childhood, they still, to this day, fill me with enchantment and happiness!!


  1. Your home looks beautiful and thanks for showing the other pictures, too.

  2. I don't think you are in any danger of Santa just doing a fly over! Do I see a hint of pink in those lights? Your photos are amazing. I could sit and look at Christmas lights forever and never blink!

  3. Your home Santa won't miss you at all :)Thank you for sharing all those pictures of your beautiful Lisbon. Rose

  4. Sorry Isabel, I meant, your home looks beautiful and Santa woudn't miss it :) Besos, Rose

  5. OMG your house is beautiful! It was a beautiful day, we also took advantage of the weather and got a good start on our lights too! We are taking a much needed girls day trip and will be down on Saturday to see all of your wondeful things at Monticellos, Cant wait!
    Today's Country Store

  6. Oh my gosh....those lights are fabulous...thanks for sharing that with us. you go back to your homeland very often??

    Glad you got your house lights up...I know that's a job!

    Scatter Bliss,

  7. Your lights on the house look great and the photos from your home country are absolutely incredible. I often wonder what Germany would look like this time of the year, as it is a country I have actually been to. Hugs to you. Florence

  8. Your house looks so great! Santa wouldn't miss it! Hopefully, we will get ours up over here before I leave....yay, only 2 more days until I get there! Can't wait!

    See you soon!


  9. It is fun to see the decorations in other countries. Thanks for sharing.


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