01 March 2011

Barn House Vintage Country Marketplace sale

I am so happy I am able to just hop in my car and go see my sweet friends Joe and Jermonne, of Barn House fame, and my favorite girl Natalie, of Sparrow... They had a thrown-together-at-the-last-minute-to-come-out-of-the-winter-funk sale, and it was just what the doctor ordered!!! My friend Leah (you may remember her gorgeous home from this post...) and I drove to this little old schoolhouse in Battle Ground, and had a wonderful time seeing our friends and doing a little shopping!  

"I saw it first!"... "No, I saw it first!"

Leah, Lara and I... And those little fingers behind us, you ask? Well, that would be funny Mr. Joey, trying to enhance our picture!!!!

I came home with an adorable vintage toddler-sized wood bed... I think it will make a wonderful little daybed, once I cover it with fluffy pillows!!


  1. Looks like y'all had such a fun day! AND... that looks like a great place to shop. I want this and that and that thing over there...

  2. Sorry I missed you, I didn't get there til 2:00 because of work, still enjoyed going. Hugs to you! Florence

  3. Wow, I missed a lot showing up late!!!
    I love the bed too!!
    Hugs chickie

  4. looks like a fabulous sale! would love to see one of these in person!



  5. Looks like lots of fun! Great score with the little daybed. Vanna

  6. great spending time with you. It's always fun to see the gang...especially after a long winter....those last minute trips are what make life FUN!!

  7. I loved that wire basket of aqua glass sealers. Thank you for giving such a big tour of the Barn House. Great ideas, great displays.

  8. We love you SOOO much! Thank you for coming and for the hug. It was exactly what the doctor ordered!

  9. They all throw a great party...sorry to miss it!
    Loved your pics!

  10. Cute place!! You should stop by Lafayette Schoolhouse Antique Mall! I work there. :D


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