26 March 2011

Loving big clocks and a DIY

I have been loving the look of big clocks on the wall and now I have my eye on finding or making one...

This is Maria's Roost clock, which I love...

And below is a creation by Andrea, from Faded Plains, which cost her less than $27!! I love it!! Click on this link to find out how she made it...


  1. The variations and options for large clocks are amazing.
    - Joy

  2. I love the idea of a big clock but the one that Andrea did for the $27 is fabuous!

  3. Inspiring post! I love clocks too.
    They can be such a reminder of such a gift time is.
    xoxo deborah

  4. ow wow good luck with finding the greatest clock ever !!

  5. Love the big clocks as well. Just darling..
    Love your blog as ususal so Inspiring..
    Thanks Karryann

  6. I love how Andrea made hers so thrifty!!;)Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  7. I love huge clocks too Isabel...please, I love clocks of ALL sizes but those giant ones definitely are show stoppers! I hope all is wonderful in your world, hugs and love, Dawn

  8. I wonder HOW many years of living in "This old House" it took me to figure out that I dont really HAVE any wall space! These old Bungalow's are charming,,,,,,but unless you have a BEAST of one, they are all Windows, Moulding and Doors!
    I simply LOVE the look though!

    Hope all is well my friend!

    (I had fun crafting some hats and crowns with my Wallpaper from R&R!)

  9. very beautifull blog!! sorry but i don't speak english very well!!

  10. j'adore aussi toutes ces horloges ,je vous invite a voir celle que mon mari a fait(sur mon blog) ..elle est très sympa et surtout faite at home!!! bonne soirée , Kate

  11. tout cela est trés beau, un régal pour les yeux ! trés belles créations !
    thank you

  12. LOVE the first photo - simply amazing!!! and a good DIY project is always fun!!! :)

  13. Those huge clocks are fun...but what I really love are the chairs below...those will turn out so beautifully!
    Your words of support for my mess have encouraged me so much...thank you for sharing your heart! I have not heard of 1 dealer that has all of this under control...I *guess* that makes me feel a bit better:) Let's just keep working at it, k?


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