25 July 2011

Summer fun days...

A few days ago my girls and I took off, along with some girlfriends, to Seattle for an overnight trip...
The purpose? To watch a friendly soccer game between Manchester United and the Seattle Sounders!!!
Isn't it funny that all the girls went and all the guys stayed home...?!
We had so much fun, I don't think our girls will ever forget this trip!

Pike's Place

The reason why we were there (and we got to see 7 goals!!)....

Then, shortly upon our return our family was invited for a barbeque at our friends' beautiful country home...
Can you say j-e-a-l-o-u-s...??!!
The setting is gorgeous, the home is magnificent, there are chicken, alpacas, bees, lavender, and an incredible view...
And the sun was out!

The kids favorite of the day...

To finish off our weekend, there was a lot of this...

... And the best part? A championship win!!! What a great way to end an absolutely lovely week!!!


  1. aaaw....sweet memories:) Your pictures from Seattle reminds me of my own trip there too many years ago!!I have a lot of relatives there and can come anytime...sure made we want to go now:)
    And it sounds lke you had sooo much fun!!
    And what can I I love your new bathroom cabinet...and I love how you write about you and the girls getting it in....sounds just like me,-I am pretty determined as well when I have too...and I ususaly have to *lol*
    The cabinet is marvellous,and I am pretty jealous right now:)

  2. Hi, I'm new to your blog. Love the recap. As the mother of a 16 year old club soccer player, I think your trip to Seattle sounds perfect and then on to that AMAZING home for the BBQ. Good times and good friends, there is nothing better! Looking forward to checking in often.


  3. Hi sweet friend!

    It was fun to read/see your post. Today I was making birthday hats for a couple of Seattle and Snohomish Cupcake shops and it made me think of time spent with my Mom.

    She's gone now, and I miss her so, but even the SIMPLE things we did together mean a lot to me now!

    I have (2) Boys,,,or young men. I didn't have obviously "girl" time with them, but I hope they TOO have fond memories with MOM/me.

    You are a GREAT mom,,,,,,I've seen you involve the kids in your road time/business time, but also to take "Kid" time in the crazy schedules!

    Hugs, Love and a BIG "Bus" (Noisy kiss"0 on the cheek to YOU and your family,,,,,you do it well!



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