25 August 2008

Fearless at five...

Yep...!! This is what happens when you have an active, adventurous, fearless 5 year old son who decides to do a backward stunt on a scooter!! One of the neighborhood kids came running to me saying "Alex wiped out!!". As you know, my english is pretty decent, but I still struggle, occasionally, with foreign terms...!! So, I couldn't figure out what he meant until I saw my bloody son walking towards me... I felt so bad for him!! He sure does get back on the horse right away, though... A few minutes later he was riding his bike with his feet up in the air and holding the handles with just one hand...!!


  1. Wow, what a trooper Isabel! He's so cute!
    It was fun seeing you Sunday. Your space looked beautiful!
    I look forward to seeing you in Coburg.

  2. Oh Isabel, what a cute picture. I'm so glad you got your camera back. I'm the biggest dork ever! Alex was so sweet yesterday when he came up to me in my car. He had the sweetest smile on his face and when he said, "nice shoes" I had to laugh. What a guy!



  3. What a cutie - scrape and all! They seem to be very resilient. Sorry I didn't get to Oregon City. Too many irons in the fire! Look forward to seeing you at Coburg. I'm in space 904. Where are you? M.

  4. What a darling. I sure miss this short guy's antics. He is why they say it takes a village to raise a child. But really, send him on over, we love to be kept on our toes.

  5. Chicks dig scars ya know?

    Love the picture, that's super cute. I think we all have a picture of ourselves with a scabbed up face from a wipe out. I know I do. I took a fall over the handel bars of my little banana seat bike when I was about 5.
    He's a cutie and the girls are going to love all those scars. :-)

  6. Isabel,I just found your blog, love yours and Lisa's too.
    Thanks for all the great pictures, I feel like I've been shopping, unfortunatly nothing to show for it! Ha,Ha...

  7. Poor Alex!
    That seemed to always be happening to Derek when he was little, too much energy and not enough caution (brain), they do seem to figure it out eventually that is if they don't take too many spills on the noggin! Still waiting to see on Derek.. just kidding what fun they are! Give him a hug from us!!!


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