21 August 2008

Molly Mo's Antique Fair

This last Saturday I was a vendor at Molly Mo's Antique Fair. The setting was the gorgeous home of our host, Diane Kaser (oh, how I envy her place!!!). Her little shop, which I, of course, forgot to take pictures of, is simply delightful! Temperatures soared up to the 100's and we were all pretty hot but having a great time!! Enjoy the pictures!

Joy, already smiling at sunrise!!

Sue and Joe, from Bella Shabby

Marianne, our host Diane and her daughter Molly

My humble space (I only took what would fit in the truck...!)

Martha, from Vintage Trifles

Unfortunately, I ran out of space in my card for more pictures... I wanted to feature some other delightful vendors that were there!! This sunday, Lisa and I are doing the Oregon City street fair. I have to admit I am loosing steam, as it has been a busy summer with shows, but we always have fun doing this show, so hopefully this will be a fun day!


  1. Wow Isabel, it looks like so much fun! Love seeing the pictures.

  2. Thanks for the sweet comments! It was great to see you again last Saturday. We might see you Sunday at Oregon City - M.

  3. Hi Isabel , We have been busy , haven't we? Next thing you know it'll be time for Farm Chicks. we are headed up to Barn House tomorrow to see Joyces lovely things. See you Sunday! Sue

  4. What an incredible idea!!!! I'm so glad I stumbled in here :)

  5. Hi again Isabel,
    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    WOW! Looks like we're all running around like nuts, doing shows all summer long...
    I used to cover lamp shades too;-loooong time ago! Now I would love to be "up-dated" from somebody that knows how to :o)
    Hopefully you can soon catch your breath & give us an on-line class?????
    "Monticello" is next place on my list to go for inspiration. Maybe I will find some treasures in your space that I can't live without :o)
    Hope to C U soon!

  6. Sorry I missed that wonderful show there at Molly Mo's, but I'm SO HAPPY that I met you at Oregon City!!!

    Keep up the wonderful Tickled Pink space at beautiful Monticello, and perhaps I will see you again at Coburg. I can only keep my fingers crossed!


    Christine ~ Zwee (Zwee is my alter ego).

  7. That looks like soo much fun-next year I am so coming!!!I do wish you ladies lived closer to me so you could all come to my sale-Idaho wouldn't know what hit!! I have a few questions about the sale if you don't mind...did she sell the t-shirts-how did that go? And I saw on the postcard about an entry fee for early sales-did that work? I thought that was an interesting idea...My next sale is in Sept. ~ just gathering ideas for the future.

  8. How fun! I can't wait to come down to one of the many wonderful shows down there. I keep reading all these blogs and looking at pictures and I'm just itchin to get down there.

  9. I'm envying Diane's place too!! How lovely. You took great pics! Blessings.. .Polly


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