15 August 2008

Latest finds and off to Molly Mo's

Thank you so much for your sweet comments about my lampshades, I would love to create a tutorial for all of you, if I ever get my act together...!! I forgot to show you a picture of a lamp I created for Farm Chicks, featuring a silver teapot lamp paired with a teaspoon and ribbon lampshade. I am working on a similar lampshade, this time for a floor lamp. I'll keep you posted!!

I wanted to share with you some of my latest finds, I couldn't pass this adorable floral slipper chair, stains and all!! I also bought a couple of framed ladies prints for my ever growing collection, and the vintage sewing box (full to the brim with trims and threads) was a bargain at $10!

Finally, I love the robin's egg blue bed lamp, and the two celluloid photo albums were a steal!!

Tomorrow, I will be selling at Molly Mo's (Diane Kaser) in Sublimity. I am very ill prepared, as I have been drowning in soccer tournaments and practices lately, but I figured I'll just sweep up all the inventory scattered around (dust bunnies and all!!) and take it!! I hope you can come and visit us!!


  1. Lucky finds =D i didnt see you at Molly Mo's today, darn it! I guess i will have to see you at BBJ or Antie Joys. Talk to ya soon!

  2. Hi Isabel!
    Fun seeing you, guess we better start packing for O.C.

  3. Isabel, what great finds! Love the photo albums. Did you end up selling those at Molly Mo's?

  4. Howdy Isabel!! So sad we couldn't be there for the show at Diane's gorgeous place. We love it there and hope to get back soon!

    J & J

  5. Awesome, Isabel! It was great to see you and visit at Molly Mo's!

  6. Isabel, I'm so glad we got to be neighbors at Molly Mo's. It was such a treat to get to know you better. Good luck with all of the upcoming games.



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