06 November 2008

Bazaar Sneak Peek

I finally got started in some of the items I wanted to make for the All Saints Bazaar... Yes, it is on Saturday and there are only 2 days left!! Typical me!! Gotta go back to work (while I have the energy!), but thought I would show you what I have been working on: I am getting some Christmas buntings (banners) put together, made a couple of pincushions (have a few more to finish) and even finished a fabric covered hot watter bottle!! Will be back soon!!


  1. I have been thinking of that darling pin cushion ever since I stopped by this afternoon. I check my blog list and there it is. What a darling idea. Good luck this weekend.

  2. Those are so lovely, Isabel. I attended All Saints grade school, class of '62, and we're planning a gathering of four of us who've remained close all these years, and just moments ago I received an email from two of them. Such synchronism! I would attend that wonderful bazaar, but am already signed up to do something else. Wah!

    Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!

  3. Hi Isabel,
    I couldn't pass up your lovely decorated glass container from your booth at Monticello;- now it's mine..
    Good luck with the bazaar!

  4. wow! Are the water bottles going to be at Monticello? I just love them!and your blog is fabulous!!!


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