14 December 2008

My all time favorite (thrifty) vintage finds!!

We woke up today to our first snow day... The kids went out as soon as they could get their winter clothes on!! (note to self: make a bag for Goodwill with outgrown winter clothes...). It was very cold and they had to come in periodically to warm up. I love snow! The first time I saw snow I was in my late teens... I don't know who gets more excited, me or the kids!! Of course the best part of the day for them was when they found out that school has been cancelled for tomorrow!!

A great day to stay home and catch up on some things I've been wanting to do... I was planning to go to Monticello but quickly changed my mind when I saw TV reports on how messy the roads were!! So, instead, I am posting about some of my all time favorite thrift finds!! I am sure I am missing some, but it is a start!

I found this adorable vintage chair at a rummage sale a year ago... I paid a whopping $5.00 for it!! I was going to sell it, until I decided it would look great in the master bathroom

I love this little aqua dish with tole painted roses, very reminiscent of french toleware... I found it at a thrift store for 99 cents!

The large mirror hanging in my foyer was a put-together project. I found the large frame (with an old faded Paris print in it, which I later sold) for $5.00! The mirror was found at a garage sale for a couple of dollars, it was larger but I had a glass shop cut it to size for me (they charged only $6 to do so).
Considering that I sold the print that came with the frame, you can say I got the whole thing for free, and still made a few bucks!!

This is one of my favorite lamps... I paid only $2.95 at a thrift store! It does have a small piece of the base missing on the side, and one of the cherubs had his head glued back on, but I don't mind!! A great way to expand a collection without spending too much money is to buy less than perfect things, with cracks or chips!! I get them for the look, and not for the collectable value... My home is full of less-than-perfects (starting with me)!!!

On the way out from an antiques show, I spotted this old album... Not much from the outside, but when I opened it, I was so excited to find a scrapbook full of old postcards, clippings and calling cards from the turn of the century... The best part was the price: $7.00!!

I found this vintage framed painting at our local American Cancer Society a while ago. I was on my way out when I spotted this painting on the floor leaning against a wall... It was marked $5.00! It has been added to my growing collection of rose paintings!

Some of my favorite vintage finds cost me a little more than a single digit number, but I still am so excited about them!!

This is one of the first rose paintings I ever bought. It is a yard long watercolor and it cost me $36 at an antiques show, still a great deal, I believe!!!

I absolutely looooove this victorian fireplace screen, with gorgeous hand painted roses!! I paid $30 for it at our local flea market, from a lady who was liquidating her mom's estate (I have a fireplace which sits up high and is flush against the wall - not MY kind of fireplace, too modern for my taste!).

And, of course, this is probably my all time favorite find, and the one I have used for my blog banner!! I have always loved vintage baby and doll buggies, and when I saw this one, my heart skipped a beat!! And pink, on top of everything!! When the lady asked me $15 for it, I paid quickly and walked away happy, happy, happy!!

Last Thursday and Friday I had, as you know, jury duty!! I served my country but I have to admit it wasn't much fun... The good thing is that the Courthouse was around the corner from a few antique malls (Le Stuff and Snyders Antique Mall in Hillsboro), so during our lunch break I did some shopping!! I am very excited with what I found! Many booths had big sales (everyone is trying to survive in this difficult economy...), so I found some things to keep and some to resell...

I love this old tin and I have a collection which I have displayed on top of the guest bedroom canopy shown here.

This vintage pink radio is adorable and was a steal!!

One can never have too many hatboxes!!

At a lovely shop called Auntie Addie's Attic, which specializes in vintage clothing and linens, I found 5 great vintage dresses, including an old wedding dress, all for an obscenely low price!!

... from their pile of "Seen Better Days" linens, some great gently flawed pieces at incredibly low prices!!

This amazing floor lamp with vintage glass lampshade was maked down so low that I had to bring it home!! There is a part of the glass in one pane missing, but I don't care!! Less-than-perfect right at home!

But my latest favorite find is this great old wooden loveseat I found on Craigslist for a song!! The lady I got it from told me that it actually came with her ancestors in covered wagons!! It even has casters (one is missing)!! Now I just have to figure out how to upholster it...


  1. ok I am literally in awe of your steals, um, I mean finds! Can you believe this weather we are having? I love the snow, but this is the coldest I can ever remember it being here!
    Have a great night, and stay warm,
    xoxoxo, Tiffany

  2. the kids sure look like they are loving the snow,
    you find the prettiest things,I love the victorian fireplace screen!!!

  3. Oh, but your finds are INCREDIBLE! I have to come to Oregon, sonner or later!!!
    All is so beautiful, but as a postcard collector,I am here CRYING for that book full of old postcards... 7$... sigh... Here I pay 2 euros for ONE postcard (and it is a deal!!!)...


    P.S. come to see MY snowy pics in today's post when you can! I too loooooove snow!

  4. I love all your favorite finds! You got a great deal on every thing. The yard long was a steal. I also love the little pink buggy in your banner.
    We are getting ice and snow tonight!

  5. I LOVE all of your pretty finds... the chair is GORGEOUS!! xo Heather

  6. Fabulous finds. What is it about finding a treasure for a steal, that just turns the whole day around into a good one? Your pink buggy is just the sweetest thing!

  7. What fabulous finds!!!

    I want to come shopping with you, you find some gorgeous things.

    Victoria xxx

  8. I LOVE your blog. I have spent WAY too much time looking at all your posts, (because I am not even done decorating for Christmas, yet!). Everything is beautiful; your thrift treasures, the snow pictures, your mother linen closet, THE BARKCLOTH...sigh. I will be bookmarking you!

  9. I understand falling for a guy in "dress blues", chickee!!! Same here. Your photography is great also. Thank you for stopping by and viewing my new pink room, sweets.......
    Smooches and Merry Christmas,

  10. Well we sure to like the same things, I have a some of the same stuff you do and I also love a bargain. I have a painted mirrored fireplace screen but I paid over 250.00 for it and its almost like yours. Your home is charming, thanks for stopping by mine. I am going to add you to my blog list, Cheryl

  11. I love it all! That is a sweet pic of your daughter with snowflakes on her eyelashes :)

  12. Incredible finds at incredible prices-I've collected antiques for years and those are INCREDIBLE!! I really love the yard long
    Merry Christmas!

  13. Isabel, you are KILLING me with your finds!!! First, let's give credit where credit is due.... the lampshade that you layered the wonderful crocheted pieces on is fabulous! As are the petal adorned shades and then there's the amazing buy on the album.... don't you ADORE those? It always feels as if you KNOW the dear little person that collected all of those bits and pieces, by the time you finish turning the last page! A true treasure hunt.
    I love the pictures of the 'snow fun' and found myself wishing my daughter Alex (now 18) was still a little younger, until I remembered her with her tongue sticking our yesterday to catch snow!!! Guess she's not TOO grown up! Anyway, you have always got the most fun grouping of things.... but you are truly TAUNTING us by showing the Craig's List settee.... especially when I live close enough to you to have had that beauty myself! Can't wait to see 'her' all reupholstered! What a score!!! Take care and stay toasty!

  14. Isabel: you have found some amazing finds, esp. the rose yard long. I paid over $100 for mine. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Theresa



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