08 March 2010

Antiques show highlights...

I wanted to thank all of you who came to visit me at Expo, I had a wonderful time visiting with so many great friends and came home with half the merchandise!!! Thank you Lisa and Jeanne for your help, and Maryann, you are an awesome booth neighbor!! Even though I was busy working, I was able to sneak out a few times to snap some pictures and to shop... Here are some of my favorite booths...

I came home with some wonderful treasures, most of them bought at great prices!!!

... large yardage of barkcloth...

... darling needlepoint covered trash can...

... great market straw bags...

... adorable 1900's petticoat...

... sweet child's dress...

... vintage floral fabric pillow cover...

... sweet "mother" pillow cover...

... awesome hooked rug...

... more vintage barkcloth...

... fabric covered boxes...

.... darling 1920's nightgown...

... vintage dress...

... and a great metal coat rack!!!!

I also bougth the cutest cabinet, which I will share once I give it a good scrubbing!! I will be back tomorrow with a preview of a wonderful sale coming up this Friday... You will not want to miss it!!


  1. everything looks so vintage charming. want to see it real! best wishes. ;0)

  2. wow you found some great pieces.

  3. Oh, excuse while I wipe away the drool after seeing all of your wonderful finds!!
    (Sorry if that's gross.)

  4. Hi Isabel! I was so sad to miss expo this year. My first in like 8 years. Your booth looked fab like always, and your pics made me miss expo even more. Love your finds. I have the same old hooked rug! Can't wait to get it in our dining room once we pull up the carpet -ugh. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Your space looked fabulous! Looks like you found some great treasures, love that vintage dress and the coat rack!!!

  6. Glad you had a great sale, I had fun in Seattle but missed you guys!

  7. Beautifully and well thought out. It looks fantastic and I think you scored some great finds.

  8. Such wonderful booths, Isabel. That vintage dress is tdf! Did you buy it?

  9. I should shop with you, great finds! I did love the booth with the books in the cabinet.

  10. Looks like lots of good "stuff."

  11. every time i look at what you buy at that show, i want to scream. i LOVE IT ALL. you really do find some wonderful old things that are just amazing. yum.
    thanks for sharing.s

  12. It was nice to see you and I hope you did well. Looks like you found some goodies as well.

    Take care,


  13. You got some great finds and it looks like it was a great sale. Florence

  14. I envy you so much for having fairs like these to go to,I´d go crazy for sure..You´ve taken so many good pictures,and I keep picking thing I´d love to achieve! Lucky you..and how fun to bring home so many nice things :)))

  15. Saw your beautiful booth, but you'd stepped away I guess. Terrific photos.

  16. Great investments in the past and future with your new finds!

  17. Love that child's dress...what a lovely a ranuncula. Trish


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