12 March 2010

My new {old} cabinet

I found this cabinet at Expo last weekend and absolutely love it!!!! I cleaned the outside but still have to wipe inside (major cobwebs in there!!!). I know, this is one of those pieces my mom would be absolutely horrified to know that I actually paid money for it, lol!!!!

The days have been very rainy and gloomy here in the PNW, my favorite days to stay in and nest, but if you want a fun sale to go to tomorrow, then you do not want to miss the 4 Friends Sale, put together by Joy, Diane, Martha and Betty!!! This annual sale is a shop hop, you go from one sale to another.... That means FOUR times the fun!!! Check out their blogs for more information!!!


  1. I love the cabinet! Check out my blog for my little one. I had a friend tell me once that my plant stand would be really nice if I painted it! How do you explain LOVE!

  2. Hello :) I thought I would pop in and say "hi"! I'm a follower of your lovely blog, and thought it was time for me to leave a comment. The cabinet is simply incredible! Everything about your blog is wonderful. I just started my very own blog a couple of days ago, and would love for you to come and visit and check it out sometime. I actually have 5 followers, so I'm really excited about this blogging thing :) I'll be checking back often to see what wonderful things you have to post about.

    Have a lovely weekend, warmest, Brenda

  3. That cabinet is sweet! What a great find!

  4. I can not wait to see what you do with this pieces. I am a newbie to blogging. Check me out:

  5. Love the cabinet! I own 2 Hoosier cabinets (one in my kitchen & one in my studio) and this looks very similar. It almost looks like these are two different pieces. If they are, they go very nicely together. Are you going to leave them as is? They make great storage pieces. Great find! I would have paid $ for it, LOL!

  6. What a fantastic, wonderful, chippy cabinet! I love the lines of this cabinet and that it isn't your typical rectangle or square one.

  7. Olá Isabel, obrigada pela visita , foi muito ler-te.
    Tens razões para estar contente,com a tua última aquisição, eu também acho o máximo. Eu se vivesse num sitio onde fosse possível comprar velharias acho que passaria a vida a perder a cabeça.
    Desculpa a minha falta de notícias e ausência de cometários. Este ano que passou e este têm sido uma loucura, cada vez tenho menos tempo livre. No entanto visito sempre o teu blog,só não comento por falta de tempo ou por preguiça.
    Quanto ao temporal, por aqui no Porto Santo tudo bem e,felizmente, não aconteceu nada à minha família e amigos.
    Soube do que aconteceu ao irmão da Isabel, tenho pensado neles todos os dias. Temos que acreditar que tudo vai acabar bem.

    Muitos bjs


  8. Isabel, love the cabinet. Thanks for wishing my son a HBD. I hope I didn't miss yours! Have a great weekend, T

  9. Wow that is so cool! I love finding something that unique to put in the house to make your home one of a kind! really great find... Theresa

  10. Isabel, the cabinet is beautiful!! I love it!!

  11. Oh my I love that cabinet.... it is just gorgeous,, I can't wait to see what you do with it.... have a great weekend.


  12. OMG!! What amazing cabinet, Isabel! My Mom would be horrified too, and many of the people I know over here also ;)))
    I absolutely LOVE it!

  13. Your cabinet is WONDERFUL!! I do so love it! Enjoy!
    Hugs, Lisa

  14. Isabel, thanks for the comment. Those grands are everything people say! Looks like the sale would be great fun. I really like your cabinet top. So many things you can do with it. Good to hear from you.

  15. I love the little hints of red on the handles. I'd buy it just for that!

  16. I LOVE that cabinet!!! Are you keeping it?


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