21 April 2010

Charming use for a French pelmet...

I have always heard people say that "if you fall in love with something, buy it... Eventually it will find it's way into your home"!!! I firmly believe this, and have had many cases where this adage was confirmed, to my sheer delight!!! You may remember this pelmet I found a while back at Charlotte's Brocante... After I left my eyes wander around my home for a while, I had a lovely idea! It was the right size to be used as a valance over my shower door!!! I love that it hides the rod holding the vintage lace tablecloth I had used as a shower curtain (and the shaving cream can my husband insists on placing on top of the door...). I just purchased another tension rod and just pinned the pelmet around it; this way I can easily remove it if I change my mind. Yep, the adage is true...


  1. So glad to see you've found a place for it! It looks beautiful!!

  2. It works beautifully in the room! We love it. xo Glad & Cel/Junebug

  3. It looks very appropriate and sweet. Good choice. I agree with the theory....

  4. Hi Isabel...the more faded the better in my humble opinion. Looks so warm and a great idea to repurpose as a shower header! ~xo~ Janet

  5. Proving once again..."If you buy it, the idea will come"!

  6. What a beautiful way to dress the mundane shower door!


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