04 April 2010

Objets trouvés

On the way up to our wonderful retreat last weekend, Lisa and I made a few stops at thrift and antique stores... I was very excited with what I found!!!

I can't wait to lose a little more weight so I can fit into this adorable dress!!!

I believe this used to be a buffet, the legs were cut and now this would look great as a coffee table!

I have been looking for a large ironstone bowl like this one ever since I borrowed one from Joe at the BH Flea Market for my Chicken Panzanella salad!! The price was awesome!

I found this darling cement cherub at Monticello, along with the mirror below...

Then, today, Lisa and I headed out to our local flea market and it did not disappoint...

... Sweet doll playpen...

... Love the floral quilt...

This is the second American Red Cross fabric bag I have, with an adorable vintage fabric!! I wonder what they were used for...?!!

I will be back soon with some cool makeovers I am working on... I would love to have you visit me again...!!


  1. You guys really do find the coolest stuff...have fun with your projects and I *will* come back:)

  2. Oh My ~ You hit the Mother Load.... I can't wait for the Flea Market ~ Garage Sale Season to start up around here, hopefully by the end of the month.... Love Everything You Posted~ I Love the cut down Buffet, long pillow on the top for a comfy bench~
    thanks for sharing

  3. Oh how I wish I could borrow you, and your design talent, to decorate my house :)

  4. Cool finds :) I like your new header too.


  5. Love your ironstone bowl, good score. I liked the fabric too. Florence

  6. My goodness! How many shops did you visit? The vintage soaps in the chamber pot are too much! It looks like you had a very successful shopping adventure.


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  8. What fantastic finds. How many shops did you visit? So funny to see the vintage soaps in the old chamber pot! It looks like you had a day full of fun. Stan

  9. i have read many posts about flea market finds but this one is just a parade of wow! the quilt, the table, the books ...

    thrilled to have found your blog.


  10. Wow! You really did find some great treasures. It is so much fun to see what other people find across the country:)
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  11. Those little praying children with the doves....we had those when I was a little girl. Wow, that brought back memories! You got a lot of fabulous stuff, man!

  12. you bought all of that last weekend?!? you really do know how to fill your time with all sorts of fabulousness!

  13. Hi Isobel...we share similar tastes. I look at your blog often. Take a look at mine.

  14. My favorite is the Red Cross bag. I've never seen one. So many pretty things.


  15. I had a huge ironstone bowl like that one at the shows with the pitcher. It held the chips for the blog party food, but it sold and went to a new home. They are fabulous when you can find them. I have so many pics to post, just am trying to get caught up from having been gone almost 2 weeks. I will hopefully post today. Maybe one day you'll come to Texas for the big shows or I'll come your way :)

  16. Wow, apparently I'm not the junker I thought I was since I didn't get out there this weekend. I'm reading about everyone else and their fantastic finds! You are so lucky to have Lisa! I have a week day junking buddy, I guess I need to find me a weekend junking buddy.

  17. I can't believe how lovely your finds are! Every one of them could find a place in my home, so easily... And would enhance it - goes without saying!

    Thanks so much for your kind words about my mum. I really appreciate everyone's care and prayers.

  18. You SERIOUSLY know how to shop girlfriend!!!

  19. Que de trésors!!!


  20. That coffee table is FAB. Please tell me you'rek eeping it.... XOX


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