12 April 2010

Latest furniture makeovers

I have been trying to take advantage of the short spurts of sun we have been getting to go outside and makeover a few pieces of furniture I've gathered recently... Most of these pieces will be going to Farm Chicks in June, and I have plenty more to work on!!!

Lately I have been experimenting with brushed metallic paints, and I am really liking it!! I used a champagne color on this chair (I have a pair), then covered the seat with muslin... I am still debating whether to cover the back or leave it as is...! What would you do?

This dresser received a coat of grey on the body (with a whitewash on top), leaving the drawers white. I love how it turned out!!

The trifold mirror just got a coat of cream color paint and a very light antiquing glaze on top...

This chair was already white, and only needed a new seat cover, so I stenciled a piece of canvas and stapled it to the seat!

An old crib headboard becomes an instant chalkboard with some chalkboard paint....

This is one of my favorite transformations.... I had an old wicker bassinet that was broken, so I used the folding legs part and applied it (actually my sweet hubby did... thanks honey!) to the bottom of a large drawer... I think it would be great to use for many different things, to hold toys, magazines, to entertain...!!

Finally, an old vanity bench found at a garage sale received the shabby treatment with a coat of cream paint, some distressing and a robin's egg blue velvet seat cover... Love the transformation!!!


  1. Isabella, Sit on the chair and see if it is comfy without a back. I'm not sure it looks comfy with the large hole in the back.
    You are busy busy busy, Maryann

  2. What a great idea for the crib headboard. Wish I would have seen that before my MIL got rid of her old crib and vintage play pen.

  3. wow some fab pieces! I love the way the chair looks without the back...I wouldn't even care if it wasn't comfortable.

  4. Each and every piece is a home run!Great job Isabel!!!

  5. I would put a back on the chair. You are so creative. I love the drawer on the bassinet legs! I saw a drawer I liked, and now I regret not grabbing it! Nice to see you last Friday.

  6. You sure have been busy. Love all your projects...especially the chairs. I'd be tempted not to do the back or maybe do it with frayed edges just on the front, but not the back. You know what I mean? Either's gorgeous!

  7. Isabella,
    Saw all your stuff at Monticello today ~ loved it! Also great job on the furniture makeovers! LOVE that silver any more??


  8. I am in LOVE with the chair!!! I would recover the back too as it would be more comfortable to sit in with a back cushion. I've gotta try the metallic paint...just need to whittle down the project list!!

  9. Where do you get the energy to do all this?? Great job!!
    See you the 23rd ;o))))

  10. Hi Isabella! You've got such a great eye for finding and redoing. Everything looks great! I love the vanity stool!!!

    I also wanted to tell you I'm giving away a painting you might like, on my blog.....

    Spring blessings,

  11. Nice work, Isabel! I'm into chairs - and love all of these! I sent you an email with music attached - wonder if you received it?

  12. Your makeovers are always so fantastic! Stan

  13. I love seeing all your makeover transformations. It is really motivating me to get busy! And I am loving the metallic paint too!
    I'm thinking maybe I need to try some of that.

  14. I'm always amazed at what creative people like you can "see" when you look at a piece of furniture others might cast aside. Lovely ideas, all! My favorite is the chair with the French words on the seat--so pretty.

  15. Oh, Isabella! Loved all your transformations! So beautiful - and inspiring! Hoping I can make it to Farm Chicks to see your goodies 'in person', hee hee!
    Hugs and have a great week!
    Betty :)

  16. Great transformations. I love how the chair looks without a back but would not think it would be very comfortable. You really have the "eye" for fixing things up!

  17. You are so good to the world with your lovely creations and betterments of old things. All is beautiful. As for the chair, that's a good one. I suppose I'd put something on the back so as to not fall through it!



  18. Isabel,
    I would cover the back of the chair...
    Looove the chalkboard! I have a few makeovers to do too, but it's too COLD outside these days :((

  19. All wonderful pieces, I'm especially fond of the grey and the silver finishes but the bench with the blue seat is a personal favorite!

  20. WOW! you really know how to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! All your ideas and transformations are wonderful.

  21. All of your makeovers look amazing!!! Your booth is going to be beautiful!

  22. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

  23. Wow, so many fun things. My favorites are the chair with the stenciled seat and the awesome drawer with bassinet legs. I would have so many uses for that. Very clever. Come for a visit.

  24. You're so good at it!! The chair is my favourite,love it very much!!

  25. I love that pink birdhouse! So cute! karen....


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