16 July 2010

Barn House Marketplace

I'm back!!!! We all had a wonderful time, but are happy to be home!!! I was so busy before leaving for Europe that I failed to tell you some very exciting news.... My sweet friends J&J from Barnhouse had asked me to be a featured guest on their online store BHM relaunch, so I whipped up a few creations for them (not all were photographed...)!!

German stenciled pillow

Mail pocket 

Vintage hemp towel pillow

Hanger cover

Garden tool apron

Market bag (with oilcloth bottom) - still in construction here..

Right now, I am gearing up to be a part of BH Flea Market on July 31st, and I can't wait!!!! There are some incredible vendors coming and I know it is going to be awesome!!!! In the meantime, I am working on a few more things for their website (to be listed soon), including some adjustable shopping cart liners, like this one, made out of burlap and muslin, with my always favorite ruffles!!!


  1. Hello Isabel,
    wow I love EVERYTHING you have made...wish I could be there on the 31st to support you! It will be difficult not to have it all..thank you for sharing. you have been added to my blog list. warm wishes Colette x

  2. Welcome home, Isabel. Can hardly wait for the hustle & bustle to kick in with set up the Flea Market :o)
    See you there!

  3. Isabel! I "Adore" your creations! How talented you are! I've been a follower of yours for some time now, but have been MIA due to some family/work/birth situations. :) I'm glad I "re"found you! The Paris cart liner, is that stenciled? If not, how do you transfer that on? It looks very lovely! I'm a huge fan of yours~ Congrats on being featured in an article~ Your work is definitely worthy of it! :) ~CC Catherine

  4. Hi I was trying to find the wire basket on wheels cover/insert. I am very interested in getting one. Thanks a million Kath' at

  5. I just adore the market basket liner. Tray sheek as I like to say down here in TX!
    P.S. How cool is it to be able to say "when I got back from Europe"?

  6. Welcome back and your trip looked so beautiful. But it is always great to be in our own HOME.
    Your items look so lovely, what a great opportunity to have.

  7. Welcome back home. You made some lovely things for Barn House. Hope I can go this time. Have a great day!

  8. welcome home isabel...glad you had a good time.
    you just whipped something up??? i would hardly say whip. it would take me a year to make one of those projects. you amaze me. you are one talented lady....
    love it all.

  9. Welcome back!! It seems you had an aaaamazing time! WOW! I love all your new creations! Happy weekend to you!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

  10. Isabel...I LOVE that Paris ruffle cart liner. How much and will they be at BH on the 31st? Carts too? I have one cart but I may need another.

    Thank you!

  11. Howdy and Welcome Back!!! So happy to be seeing you very soon. :o)

    The Boys

  12. I love and adore the mail pocket. Stop by your blog on a regular basis, just getting the courage up to comment.

  13. Hi Isabel! Just popped in from Donna's blog and I just love your style! Congrats on the feature article, too!

    I'm happily following!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  14. oh how im so glad i found your AMazing Blog-so INSPIRING, full of ideas.. You are quite the seamstress. I have been trying to stencil fabric for a chair-but no clue- what to stencil... Yours are beautifull. COngrats. what a compliment for you.
    I am a new excited follower-- cant wait to look through your blog more,and come back to see more of ya..

  15. How wonderful! I love all you do.

  16. hello dear! i saw on their site that you were selling there. so happy to see all of your wonderful talent there! i still say i wish i lived close to you and lisa. i just know we would have a blast! i am in awe of both of your talents and your ability to scope out all of the good stuff!

    sending a hug from california,


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