19 July 2010

Pena Palace and Óbidos

I know I have already overloaded you with pictures from our trip to Europe, but I did not want to miss the opportunity to show you two of my all time favorite places to visit in Portugal... The Pena Palace is one of the most romantic castles I have ever seen, and it stands on the top of a hill above the town of Sintra (a mere half hour drive from Lisbon)...

Óbidos is a very picturesque little town encircled by a fortified wall... In the 13th century, a portuguese king donated this village to his wife, which explains the informal title of  "Queens Village".  It maintains a well preserved medieval look, and it has become a favorite tourist attraction in Portugal.... Of course I did not leave Óbidos that day without trying the ever so famous cherry liquor called ginginha...


  1. For someone who has never left the U.S. it is so amazing to see things like this exist. I can't even imagine being surrounded in such history, please post more pictures I am loving them.

  2. OH my!! What a gorgeous trip!!! I just love that castle too.

  3. Such beauty and culture... tha nks so much for sharing... have a great week :)


  4. Isabel, your pictures are beautiful! Makes me want to visit. I thought of you when the "Bachlorette" visited Portugal, and I think this same castle. Thanks for sharing!

  5. You got some wonderful pictures. What a beautiful castle. That place comes directly out of a fairytale.

  6. Both places are beautiful and make me want to travel to Portugal. You definitely are not boring me.

  7. Such fabulous photos! It is not possible to share too many! Looks like such a wonderful trip. I am enjoying your post...keep the great photos coming.

  8. Keep the pictures coming, I even have my husband reading your blog.....the trip only.....vintage roses are not his thing. But we are totally enjoying your photos. Glad you home safe, we will see you at BH.

  9. Isabel,
    I've enjoyed all of your travel posts, but I believe this one has been the best, maybe partly because it's one that I've never seen or even heard of. What an incredibly beautiful place, like it's been lost in time! Thank you so much for sharing this part of the world with us.

  10. I am in absolute awe! Your pictures are amazing!

  11. What gorgeous pictures -- especially those of your children. What a wonderful vacation. Jan

  12. Incredible. The photos are great, looks like a beautiful place. I am so happy you are sharing these photos. Your kids are the cutest.

  13. Wow! This sounds like a trip of a lifetime for your kids. So glad you were able to do it. I can't even imagine such beauty. Thanks for sharing all your great photos with us.

    Hope to run into you sometime soon.


  14. Beautiful, beautiful photos!
    Welcome home, it looks like you had a wonderful trip. :-)


  15. Your pictures are incredible. First time visiting your blog. What a treat. I found your link on the Barn House blog.

  16. one word: enchanting!

    my husband's family is from portugal and we are hoping to visit there someday.

    your family is beautiful and look like they are enjoying themselves!

    such memories you have made .. priceless!


  17. D.R.E.A.M.Y. V.A.C.A.T.I.O.N.

    need I say more?
    how blessed you are to travel ... memories galore!

  18. I am loving this tour of Portugal! Oh my! That Castle and the town around are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! karen....

  19. It's all beautiful. I can never get over when coming back to the States from Europe how everything is so new, throw away & the bigger the better. Your photos make me realize it once again. Thank you for sharing some of your Europe pics, they are a feast for the eye and the soul. So love the culture and the food. I could go on for days!

  20. I forgot how beautiful that palace is.. I was there 25 years ago next week on my honeymoon. I loved the few days we spent in Portugal.

  21. OH my heavens, your photos are breathtaking! I have really wanted to visit Portugal and your post is urging me to do it. Thank you for sharing. Just found your blog and am really enjoying it!


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