13 September 2010

Coburg Antique Faire

This is the third year Lisa and I have been a part of the Coburg Antique Faire, and it is an event we love to do, despite the two hour distance and all the work involved with setting up and packing by ourselves.... What really makes us happy is to see repeat customers who tell us, over and over, how much they love our spaces, and all the new people we get to meet, many through our blogs!!!! We can definitely feel the love, there, and I, personally, want to thank everyone who graced us with a visit, you truly made my day!!! This was our last show of the summer and we are looking forward to relax, fluff our nests and concentrate on many other projects...!!! My biggest goal, for now, is to get some of my creations out on Etsy, so stay tuned!! Have a wonderful week, sweet friends!!! 


  1. Hi Isabel,

    Did you sell the dress form?? If not, I'd sure like to know the price and the size of it.

    Stephanie ♥

  2. I would love to visit you at a fair sometime! Your last photo of the dresses was incredible - how beautiful they are!

  3. With such beautiful had to of sold out...right? Those dresses? Dreamy!
    P.S. With that chair behind you in your profile photo...looks like you have angel wings...which of course you are.

  4. Oh my goodness !!!
    I want everything
    and I really want to
    dress like that :)


  5. Wow ~ wish I could have been there!! Everything (including the weather) looked so gorgeous! Those dresses are so pretty. All of it!!!!!!!!!


  6. Hi Isabel . . . LOVE the two lounge chairs!!! . . . very fun!! (I am assuming they sold - but if not - let me know!!) Looks like you both had lots of fun!! hope you are enjoying your Fall . . . xo - liz

  7. Just beautiful Isabel! So soft and dreamy, all the colors blend so do such an awesome job! You and Lisa should head on over to our 3 year anniversary/outdoor market at the shop this Saturday..a chance for you two to unwind and just shop! Take care...Lisa ;-)

  8. Fabulousness as usual!! I love the last photo of the girls trying on dresses they look darling, oh to be young and cute!! :) Thanks for sharing, i hope you can find time to relax and fluff!

  9. Oh my goodness it looks amazing! Fantastic job! I want everything ;) That dress form is stunning...

  10. What a pretty booth, I bet you did very well! ox, Diane

  11. I want a dress form also. Oregon is a long way from the mid west so I know you can't mail it.

    Maybe you will have another one by next spring Expo show. I will be there.


  12. So beautiful...and during soccer season to top it all off :-) Great job!

  13. I only wish I lived close enough to be able to shop some of the places you show at. Beautiful booth, beautiful items!

  14. AS ever, you catch the eye and intrigue the soul with your wonders!

  15. As ever, you two catch the eye and lure us in with your treasures offered. Food for the soul!

  16. I love those beautiful long dresses! I missed the Coburg Antique fair this year and yet I live not far from it. I hope you are going again next year and would love to meet you!

  17. Oh believe me if I could swim the oceans that seperate our countries I would, just to be at your stall..Amazingly lovely..xx

  18. Such a dreamy booth, Isabel! I love everything in it.

  19. how fun!


    ps: two women from your area came by the shop the other day and they have met you and lisa and a few others. they had nothing but lovely things to say about you two.


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