29 September 2010

Don't blink....

Eyes open...

Eyes closed...

As I downloaded pictures from my daughter's high school soccer game yesterday, I got teary-eyed... I kept seeing this little girl, waiving at us... Not too long ago... Actually, I swear it was yesterday... A blink away... That's it.... I'm done blinking... Forever....


  1. oh, do I know how you feel...its awful huh?

  2. Awh, so sweet!! I'm never going to let my babies grow up... NEVER NEVER NEVER!! I tell them this everyday, so far they aren't obeying, but that's not a huge surprise, LOL.

  3. I'm tearing up with you... it goes by so fast doesn't it! She is a beautiful girl.

  4. I know the feeling....blink.... you have your first grandchild....blink.
    Life is amazing & we wish we could capture all those precious moments forever!
    You have beautiful children, Isabel :o)

  5. She's amazing I! You know, I've been blogging about 2 years and I realized looking at her photos I have the privelege of getting to see her and other folks babies grow up. What an honor! She's beautiful and talented...just like her mama!

  6. my 17 year old got on a plane today to check out a possibility for next year...oh dear God, I blinked too often!
    I totally can relate!

  7. Oh how they grow up so fast. Hold tight to the memories. Hugs! Florence

  8. Oh gosh I soo can relate. No blinking and no sleeping do you think that will stop time?

  9. You are so right to treasure these moments...our one and only girl is almost 20. This time with them is precious, even fragile somehow. I love your mother's heart. Thank you for sharing it. And your daughter is too sweet ;)

    P.S. We'd love to have you guys come do a 2nd Saturdays Vintage Market with us! You pick, any 2nd Saturday!

    Happy Autumn,

  10. You are so right! And she is so adorable! You have a beautiful family...just have to enjoy everyday! I blinked and had grandchildren.


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