01 September 2010

As I often do, when my heart is heavy with feelings of longing for my country, my people, my music, I was seeking comfort in listening to familiar portuguese musics on Youtube, when I came across this (new to me) clip from my all time favorite group, Madredeus... It is part of the soundtrack for a movie based on our historic coup d'etat of 1974... Allow me to share this beautiful piece with you... It did touch my heart and I hope it will yours too...


  1. It is beautiful music. I am new to your blog but it is so beautiful. I am afraid I don't know anything about your country's history even though I live in the Mediterranean.

  2. Beautiful!
    My heart went out to your country yesterday, when I realized the heavy trial it has now, fighting heat blizzards & wild fires!
    Hopefully your loved ones are safe & secure!

  3. Very Beautiful, I could all the emotions. Wow! Hugs Florence


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