12 October 2010

Guess what's coming to Portland...?!!!

One of my favorite stores!!! Every time I go home, I go crazy shopping at H&M (as you can see, from one of my previous posts....), and I have gotten my girls hooked on it, too!! So, during our trip to Seattle, this weekend, it was no surprise that the girls begged me for a detour to this store... We all came home with a little heavier luggage...

... can you believe this shirt cost less than $15?

... my favorite piece... and it's pink, of course...

In just a few months, I will be able to get in my car and drive to a brand new H&M store in Portland!!! Can't wait...!!!


  1. Isabel,

    The pink ruffled vest is adorable.....that's my favorite too. I've never heard of H & M, so I'll have to check them out.



  2. Cute clothes,wish there was one here in dallas.

  3. You know, I have one of those stores close to me...haven't been in a while..I think you have put a little bee in my that first white shirt ! :)

  4. When and Where? No where as convenient as Bridgeport, probably. Like the white shirt, can I borrow it?

  5. Spent some time at the H&M in Atlanta this weekend spoiling my 13 month old granddaughter with the world's most adorable coat, hat & mittens. LOVE their baby goods!

  6. Woo~Hoo that is exciting news! Love your new digs.Thanks for the info.~Cheers Kim

  7. HI Isabel, I have been lurking on your blog for a couple years . I have decided to try blogging myself. I just wanted to say hi. I spoke to you a couple years ago at the Coburg street fair.

    Kim :)

  8. I love H&M too, but I really love your blog. I will be a new follower. Always wanted to go to Oregon, and I think that is going to be in the near future.

  9. Now you have me excited too. I was living in innocence until now seeing what I can find there. Is this going in the previous Saks store downtown? I think so.

  10. i'm jealous!! when i lived in germany, i would b line it everytime i could to get to and H&M. fun stuff!!! happy shopping. love the pink.

  11. Miss Isabel,

    A girl after my PINK heart! I've been enjoying your sweet blog for sometime now....LOVE IT all!!



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