02 October 2010

Little changes...

The dress form in the corner of my bedroom had a little makeover....

I change her dresses often....

... This time I went a little further... I peeled off her white fabric cover and dressed her in the cutest little pink dress I bought from Heather.... The pink color was a bit bright, so I dyed the whole dress in tan Rit dye... Love the more muted, vintage pink!!

I also dug out a charcoal drawing I had tucked in the garage for years.... It was painted by a spanish artist when I was 13 years old and on vacation in Puerto Banus....

I had just the perfect frame for it, complete with a pink velvet trim... I feel weird about putting pictures of myself on the walls, so for now it sits behind my bathtub... It looks sweet, there....


  1. It's beautiful...that frame is perfect!! I think you should enjoy it!

  2. Such a pretty picture Isabel! What a pretty 13 year old girl you were and a beautiful lady you are.

  3. A girl has to have several outfits to choose from you know. She looks lovely and that picture of you is beautiful.


  4. Love all your little dresses.

    And the portrait is wonderful! Perfect frame. Glad you took it out of storage. =)


    barbara jean

  5. Gorgeous dresses and the picture of you is adorable!
    Pam x

  6. You look so thoughtful in your's beautiful. What a wonderful piece of artwork from the past.

    Have a wonderful autumn!

    Christa :o)

  7. Simply charming!!! I'll have to remember the rit dye trick.

  8. It is precious! And I love how your gal and her dress aged instantly...she wears it well!

  9. Oh my, yes you need to display that portrait of you! That is a treasure!!!

  10. Everything is just beautiful including your portrait. Hang that pretty girl for all the world to see...don't be shy!

  11. Your portrait is gorgeous! Hang it where everyone can admire it:)
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  12. oh the painting looks great with the frame.. and yourself portrait just adorable! de

  13. Have just brought a mannequin into our house and am sure this will enjoy many happy transformations. But it's not as vintage as yours. That portrait is pretty cute....

  14. Such a beautiful picture of you! I think it should be in a more prominent place though, for all the world to see!

  15. Beautiful painting of you @ 13! I like what you did with the dress.


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