31 October 2010

Sweet finds and a special request

You may remember my recent post about Atelier des Ours, and how much I adore her clothes, rich in layers and ruffles.... Sandrine contacted me to see if I can help her find props for the launch of her winter 2011 collection in New York!!! How exciting is it that she is bringing her fabulous designs here!!! She is looking to either borrow or rent two or three gorgeous vintage pieces of furniture to enhance her collection, which will be presented at the International Fashion Tradeshow at The Train, in New York, from February 19-21. Since I live on the west coast, I told her I would post a shout-out on my blog... So, if you or someone you know can help Sandrine with this, please let me know and I will forward you her contact, or look her up on her blog!!!! She will be very appreciative!!

 I do love to dress in a romantic look, and was so excited to find a sweet lace-lined jacket at Anthropologie, marked down from $118 to $29.95!!! And, most amazingly, it fit me!! I amusingly told the lady at the counter that you don't have to be skinny to find things that fit you, after all!!!  

Here are some other recent sweet finds...

this dress is to die for and will be added to my collection of vintage dresses adorning my bedroom armoire (and no, this one will definitely not fit me...!!)


  1. Hello, first time reader of your blog. lovely!!! I live in the metro nyc area, have some antique props to loan. contact me at

  2. So, we can finally look forward to get some dreamy outfits from France; -in the USA????
    That will be awesome!

  3. All gorgeous things, Isabel!

    Warm Hugs,

  4. Such lovely clothing - very dreamy and romantic!

  5. I do love her clothing and would hope she considers internet sales, also...and your new jacket is lovely, but the price was totally amazing!

  6. Does that mean that we will be able to buy those dreamy fashions here in the U.S.? Oh I so hope so.
    Please let us know.



  7. Maybe she will decide to come to the West Coast too!!! Love how soft and sweet her clothes are...and love your jacket , I love when you find things like that...

  8. I LOVE Sandrine's clothing line too and was thrilled to discover her via your Blog when you posted about this amazing collection before. Do you know if she will be selling the line in the U.S.? I would LOVE to see some of her styles in person and try them on! Her displays are to die for too... what an amazing talent she is!!! Congrats on being contacted by her and asked to help, what an honor that must have been and speaks volumes about your own reputation.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  9. I added this blog to my post some time ago and I love looking at all the clothes in there!
    So pretty and frilly and lovely!
    Your thrifty buy is wonderful and isn't it nice when they make things larger than small and medium?
    Love your exciting news and hope all goes well with finding your props!

  10. Oh my gosh, my friend deb and I are giving up sugar so that we may someday fit into those cloths. Did you buy some when you were on Holiday, what are the prices like?

    Hope you had some fun at R&R, let me know if you ever have any interest in doing 2nd Saturdayz.

  11. Serendipity at it's sweetest. Love your Anthro find.
    P.S. Frame that e-mail girl!

  12. I love love beautiful
    romantic clothes like that ~
    I hope we will be
    able to buy them here !


  13. Her clothes are just beautiful!! I adore the good night pillow as well...

    have a great week! xo

  14. That clothing is AMAZING! Wish I could dress like that every day! Just gorgeous!!! Love the sweet "good night" redwork pillow, too!

  15. I love that ruffled pink dress - wow! That Anthro deal is amazing!

    I saw your lovely booth at Ruffles & Rust!

  16. Love, love the soft colors and ruffles of her clothing!

    And the anthro jacket is fabulous!

    Kimberly :-)

  17. My favorite clothes!!! I just posted about them as well! I believe they are the sole reason I'm staying on my diet ;) One of "those Dresses" will be a sweet reward. And they are moving ever nearer...loved seeing you at Ruf and Rust! And I love my french floral box;)

    Thanks for sharing!
    Deb @ Garden Party


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