09 May 2011

Doing what I do best...

I have neglected my blog lately, but I had good reasons... Four of them, to be specific! I've been busy being a mom, and supporting my children with school, homework, activities, sports, etc... My daughter Rita and her soccer team have worked really hard these past few weeks competing in the Oregon State Cup. They made it all the way to the finals, but took second place... Not too shabby, I would say!! Nothing compares to the pride and joy I feel as I  witness first hand my children bloom and grow...!!!

(these are not my pictures, they were taken by another parent, and they are awesome, I couldn't help sharing them!)


  1. I agree, my pride and joy is my child...... the blog can wait. Hugs Mary

  2. I'm in the same boat! I just blogged tonight on my Ruffled Nest blog for the first time in over a month! My poor Farmhouse Vintage blog is still being neglected! It's hard to juggle motherhood with the rest of our lives! BTW, my 4-year-old little girl wants to start soccer : )

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  4. (I'll try again!) Those ARE awesome pictures! Congratulations on the important choices you are making - and to your daughter's team for a great season of play.

  5. These really are awesome pictures! Congratulations on your daughters team going so far in the season.Glad your back!!

  6. you've nailed it honey!

    go enjoy
    soon they are all 'growed' up

  7. Congratulations to Rita and her team!

  8. Keep doin''s all that matters.


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