21 May 2011

Objets trouvés

I had a great junking weekend, I found lots of great stuff to take to Farm Chicks (only two weeks away... Yikes!!!)!! My house looks like a disaster, at this point, with a gazillion little projects going at the same time... Still so much to do, but I am feeling good about where I am right now!! As always, not everything I want to accomplish gets done, somethings always have to give... That's life!

(my favorite weekend find...)

I have also tackled a few projects, including this unusual "little big chair"... Love how it turned out!!

... a little paint transformed this wooden tote...

... as did this little cabinet (still needs glass on the door, but cute already)!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. WOW you found a lot of lovely treasures. LOVE the dress form and that day bed is awesome! I can never ever find things like that here lol. But then again I don't have a car so no idea how to get it home IF I saw something pretty like that.

    Enjoy the weekend. Hugs from Marian from the Netherlands

  2. Yes, you DID find some treasures! So much fun to see 'em all...

  3. Great scores! That crib is fab! And I love the white chippy shelf. Have a great show! Vanna

  4. Im So Jealous.. Love that settee-and the bed and the corbels-and the chair.. Love it all.
    Thanks for Sharing such Beauty..

  5. If I found things like this I could never let them go.
    Lucky Lady!

  6. Hi Isabel!

    Yes, You DID find some great Treasures! They'll look great at Farm Chicks! Can you believe it's only TWO weeks away! I'm not even a Vendor and I'm keyed up!

    Look forward to seeing you there!
    (Snohomish Street Antique Street Faire was FUN today! We managed to stay DRY....but Chilly!) I'll post some photos either tonite or tomorrow if you want to pop over!

  7. I'll be there! My 4th year in a row from Florida. I will say hello!
    Great stuff!

  8. what wonderful treasures! I am sure you will be coming home with an empty truck/van/whatever you use to haul all those goodies!

  9. Aw man! People tell me all the time they want to go junking with me... Well, I want to go junking with you! You should do well at Farm Chicks. I can see every bit of that walking out of your booth by lunch the first day. Or even before it opens to the public! Wish I could be there.

  10. wow, what a great lot of perfectly wonderful junque.
    nice haul! I'm in love with the first couch. Quite dreamy.

  11. That corbel on the left....EXACTLY what I'm looking for!

  12. Fantastic finds . Love your princess bed

  13. Oh, I just love everything!! SO wish I could be at one of your shows! Wish you sold online!! You always have the best stuff!!

  14. WOW! I agree with the previous commenter ;)
    Love that iron bed and the last cabinet, especially. I dream of my teddy bears sitting among lace pillows, wearing baby dresses...
    Sending hugs,
    Monica xo


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