06 May 2008

Saving the best for last...

I was a very busy girl, this weekend... Lots of shopping therapy!! Flea markets, thrift stores and even a couple of antique stores allowed me to gather an impressive amount of great stuff!! Not to mention my weekly run to Monticello... Most items will be sold, but some, like the little sewing machine (which I found at the flea market for $10!) will stay with me! I was excited to find an old cabinet with drawers (needs a little TLC...) and the military yardlong photograph is the first in a collection I want to start, hoping to give my husband, one day, a little corner somewhere for his military memorabilia. The dresser mirror was a cool find at Value Village (just wished the dresser was there too...) and will probably be going to Farm Chicks in June.

I wa also fortunate enough to find two pin money banks to add to my already extensive collection!! The only problem is, I am running out of space... Does that mean I have to get rid of two?

But, the best thing about my weekend was coming home from my sunday trip with Lisa to the flea market, only to find my baby riding his bycicle with NO training wheels...!!! My husband said he took it in three minutes, and was just riding like the wind!! I was absolutely emotional, and so proud of him! My magical state of enchantment was short lived, though, and vanished in thin air when later the neighbor kids came knocking on the door, only to reveal that my son was riding his bike with no pants (or underwear) on... Simply airing his boyhood... Lovely!!

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. Oh man!!! I missed out on the little drawer cabinet!! I LOVE that! Serendipity in Salem, they have a collection of the money purses. I had never seen them before. Laurie

  2. Wonderful finds!! I just love the doll, hatbox and the velvet book with the flower!! So pretty!! Congrats to your little guy for riding his bike without the training wheels!! Mine is scared to death of even riding his WITH the training wheels!!LOL!!

  3. I had a pink sewing machine like the one you just bought. I sold it for $40 at a flea market. I intended to keep it for me, but my boys kept messing around with it. I'll probably never find one like that again...oh had the orginal box too.

    Love your blog...found you through Lisa.

    Rachel Knoblich

  4. Oh I love that cabinet! Can I buy it! Is it for sale? Denise

  5. Great finds! Isn't it fun?! I love the prints of the beautiful ladies!
    Such sweet milestones~have a great day of celebrating being a MOTHER!

  6. Beautiful Blog, Isabel! I didn't know you had one!!



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