24 July 2008

Cool estate finds, Monticello and a piece of my heart flying away....

Last friday I finally got out to do some garage sales, it seems like it has been so long since I have been out to shop sales, and I really had a great time!! Found a few estate sales, too, I usually don't like to do estate sales, because there is always too many people there, the prices are too high and most everything is sold by the time you get there, but these smaller estate sales were run by family members and most everything was so cheap!! I found 2 landscape paintings ($11 for both!), a cool aqua table, a darling pink doll cradle, a pretty vintage dress and robe, and lots of great vintage linens and embroidery pieces for next to nothing!!

I also made a well needed trip to Monticello, to work on our space, and this time I did not forget the camera!

On August 3rd I will be doing the Lake Oswego Antique Fair together with Joy, it's good that it is only a one day show, as I am still tired from Expo!! If you have a chance to come over, it is fun and the location is pretty cool, by the lake (not to mention the amazing french pastry shop a few steps away!!)!

Today I took Clara, my middle daughter, to the airport, as she was flying to California to attend gymnastics camp!! She will be gone through the end of next week, this is the longest I have ever been apart from her and I will miss her so!! I hope she has a great time!!


  1. Hi Isabelle , We'll see you at the LO show - we'll be shoppers not vendors. Glad you had a great Expo - it was fun! Sue

  2. hi isabel,
    your space looks so pretty...i wanted to crawl inside the photographs to pick things up and buy them. one of these days kristi and i will have to take a car trip...oregon is not that far away, right?

    your sweet daughter will have a good time at camp. i remember the first time my girl went off...she was fine, but i was a wreck!

    your finds are, as always, delicious...and i LOVE that vintage should keep it and wear it yourself, it would be so pretty on you!
    have a lovely weekend...

  3. Hello! glad you finally got some saling in! your booth at monticelos looks wonderful!

  4. Fun finds Isabel! I love the pink doll bed. Your booth looks great! I got a chance to see it this week but its always fun to see pictures too.
    I hope your daughter is having a wonderful time. I'd have a hard time putting my son on an airplane by himself and he's 15!

  5. Hi Isabel! You scored finding all those pretty linens! I have such a fondness for old tablecloths. Love the pink cradle - it's super sweet!


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