28 July 2008

My little champion!!!

I just wanted to share with you how proud I am of my youngest daughter, Rita! She participated, this weekend, in the Oswego Nike Cup as a guest soccer player with a "sister" team (they were short and needed a few extra players) and the team ended up in first place!!! Out of the 18 goals scored by their team during the tournament, she alone scored 8!! She was just amazing to watch and we are very proud of her!!

She is wearing a white jersey in the first picture and she is third from left in the back row in the team's picture. Great job, Rita!!

I will be back tomorrow to post more about the Barn Sale flea market! I hope you'll come back...


  1. Congratulations! She did so good! I would be busting my buttons if my daughter got 8 goals!

  2. Way to go Rita! What an awesome little athlete you are. Your mom should be so proud.

    Good job, cutie!


  3. I love to see girls succeding in athletics. Way to go.

  4. Go Rita! I love to watch this girl dance, kick the ball or often keep Alex in check around the neighborhood. She has a zest for life I enjoy and always a beautiful smile.


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