17 July 2008

The good news and the bad...

The Portland Expo is behind us, Lisa and I did really well (despite the heat!) and had a lot of fun meeting and revisiting with some great ladies (and some brave gents)!! I would love to show you pictures of our space, but unfortunately my new Canon Powershot that I had purchased for our trip was stolen from our booth overnight...! I was crushed! It seems like I've been learning some hard lessons, lately! Yesterday, I got a call from the City of Lake Oswego, to tell me that they had just received my application for their antique show August 3rd. "Just received?", I said. You see, the application was sent June 11th, two days before we went on vacation, with my check. According to the lady from Lake Oswego, the letter is postmarked July11th... It took one month for this letter to be postmarked!! Because of that, and because I missed the deadline, my spot was given away, but fortunately they had another to give me!! Where was this letter, I ask?

I do have pictures of some of the things I purchased, the nice thing about doing this show with someone is that you can take turns shopping!! Bad for the pocket, good for the soul!

I have a thing for these old dolls, she is in sad shape but has the sweetest face, I couldn't resist!! I absolutely love the pillow, it actually seems to be an old baby mattress, I will have a small bench built to fit! I always get vintage slips, if they are a good price! Just love the child's crinoline and the hats with velvet flowers were a steal at $5.00 each...!! The fabric behind them is actually a linen press, love the fabric! I bought a vintage military picture to create a place for my husband's military memorabilia and the box of vintage bottles were a deal I couldn't pass! The adorable hatbox is the tallest I have ever seen and will look great in my bedroom! I have a few more things to show you, but they are buried somewhere around here, so I will show you later. These last pictures are actually from a couple of old prints I bought at an old book store in Lisbon. This store also had a huge collection of original antique labels from which I purchased quite a few!

I will be going to Monticello with Lisa this afternoon, and hopefully will snap some pics of our space and of some items that didn't sell at Expo. Take care, everyone!


  1. Sorry to hear of your camera being stolen

    Victoria xx

  2. hi isabel,
    oh, i do hope you take some pictures of your newly arranged space. lisa was telling us all how great it looks and then didn't show us because she had forgotten her camera!
    it will be fun to peek...
    and i agree with victoria, i am also sorry to hear about your camera. it is such a sad thing and brings such unhappy feelings to have something taken. i hope you will receive a huge blessing in the next day or two to help soften this loss.
    have a happy weekend!

  3. Love the labels---a lot! Later-Debbie

  4. hi again isabel...lisa posted the pictures of the booth today. it looks so great! wish i could hop in my car and drive up and haul a trailer-full back!


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