23 January 2009

New finds, new looks, new members!!

I found this shabby medecine cabinet at Expo, last year... It was a great price and I figured I could resell it! I had it in my booth for a few months but it didn't sell, so one day I brought it home so I could have room to put newer things in the booth. It's one of those items you wonder how it hasn't sold yet, it is so darn cute!! One day, I was cleaning the kids bathroom, and I realized that the puny little (new) medicine cabinet above the toilet was not big enough for the girls' ever increasing arsenal of cosmetic stuff!! It hit me! The chippy green cabinet!! I love it! There has been a few instances before where I have had something for sale, and eventually I figure out that actually I do have a perfect place for it (and then I am happy it didn't sell before!!). Does that happen to you...?

I also wanted to share some of my latest vintage finds! A friend of ours was having a retirement sale at her shop, and I was very excited to find a pair of vintage cast iron lamps at an awesome price!

I have been wanting a pair of large glass S & P shakers and finally found them at a thrift store (it's hard to see, but they are quite large!)

At a local flea market I found a vintage garment bag...

... a black beaded bag and a cream crochet bag...

... and on a trip to Monticello I found this adorable jar with handpainted roses... I want to put candy in there but I am afraid I will eat it all!!

Today I finished a makeover, do you remember this wicker bench I found at a thrift store?

I gave it the shabby treatment with some spray paint and vintage fabric!

I've also started the transformation to this dresser, someone had the unfortunate idea to paint a perfectly good cream dresser this green... I'll share the transformation on my next post!!

Finally, let me just gloat for a little bit... My two oldest daughters were inducted yesterday into the National Junior Honor Society!! This prestigious organization invites students who have a cumulative GPA of 3.65 or more and who demonstrate leadership and commitment to the community, and is one of the highest academic honors avalilable to middle schoolers!! They will be required to do at least 5 hours of community service every trimester. My oldest daughter Anna had been invited to join last year, but at that time she didn't think it was "cool"... I'm glad she changed her mind! We are very proud of them!!


  1. I love finding old things that might be worth something. I'm just starting this blog stuff. Here are my two simple blogs:

  2. Oh, Isabel, great finds, as usual. I love what you did with the bench. And congratulations to you and your lovely daughters!

  3. Congratulations to your girls! That is Awesome! I also love the way you fixed up the bench. It looks great! I love Oregon. Our son (Daytob) and BIL (Prineville) live there and we will be visiting in March. Can't wait!

  4. Isabel, what beautiful (and talented!) girls you have! Congrats to them both!
    As for your finds... well, scrumptious! Loooove the chippy green cupboard and the wicker bench! The glass jar with roses is a cutie, and I will do exactly the same with the candies/chocolates inside!!! So it's better to leave it EMPTY!
    Hugs and have a great w.e,
    P.S I am GREATLY enjoying your postcards and mags- you are a treasure, Isabel!!

  5. Congratulations to your daughters.

    As for keeping stuff you meant to sell -- I do it far, far too often. If I keep it up, I'm never going to make any real money ;)

  6. Blog surfing here... I have a pair of S&P shakers in my china cabinet (crystal with silver plate tops). I never thought about them as being 'old'.... I think I resemble that remark! LOL!

  7. Good Day Isabel! I have an award waiting for you on my blog.
    I love everything you share with us, so beautiful. Speaking of beauty, you're girls are gorgeous. You must be very proud of them. I have a 12 year old daughter myself and she keeps me going!

    Hugs and Kisses,

  8. Loved your bamboo stool makeover with the pom-pom fringe. Too cute!!! We have several generations of NHS members in our family. College scholarship people love to see that on applications - an indication of a well rounded student!!! Sally

  9. Tell your daughters that smart girls do wonderful things! :)

    Can't wait to see the dresser.

  10. See that little medicine cabinet was just meant to stay in your home. Love it. Have a great Sunday, Theresa

  11. You know that happens to me some times, I have something that never sells, bring it home and suddenly find just the right spot for it! I love when that happens. Cool crochet purse. Congrats to your dsughters.

  12. Hello Isabel,

    I came on your blog through "villa extra" from the Netherlands. I want to compliment you with your blog and photo's. It's always nice to see what other "vintage addicts" are been up to.
    I've put you by my "favorites"!
    Maybe you can look at my website some time and let me know what you think of it.

    Bey, greetings from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

    Sylvia Shabby Chic Brocante & Romantic Decorations

  13. Isabel, Oohs & Aahs all around. Wonderful finds. I usually do the opposite...find a need for something-right after I've sold it. You've got some great projects going-especially those 2 beautiful daughters!!! Beautiful and smart-that's a killer combination. Congratulations! Debbie

  14. Congratulations for your daughters! Keep up the good work girls! Love your stool makeover. It turned out so sweet, and love the ball fringe on the vintage fabric. And yes, I have done the same thing with items I have bought to resell. Sometimes those items just have to hang around long enough for us to figure out they need to stay! Or... you get to see how someone else used it, and it hits you. I love some of the wonderful ideas I am getting from other bloggers; it is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing yours. carrell

  15. Thank you for your sweet words, Isabel ;)
    Monica xo.

  16. I have just mentioned you on my blog. Please have a look.
    Monica xo.

  17. Thanks for stopping by...glad I found you! Love your new "finds"! I bought 2 pair of large salt & peppers like yours before Christmas and filled them with sparkly shower to shower powder, tied a sweet bow on them and gave them as gifts! Now I'm looking for more! Congrats to your girls...they're adorable! I'll be back to see more of your part of the country!

  18. I've had that happen, realizing something I'm selling should be MINE!
    I just love the bench you did! Very pretty and inspiring! Karen

  19. You have so many great things posted today, I don't know where to start. The dresser you did is just fantastic. I have a piece I'm going to do in the near future adding material to it. So this is a jump start for me. A lot of super duper finds too.


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