04 January 2009

Time to play!

Yesterday I took my youngest daughter to an indoor soccer game at 7:40 am (yikes!), and after that I went to play!! I have been cooped up in the house with the kids for so long, that I decided to go thrifting, something I haven't done in a while! The thrift stores I went to had very slim pickings, but I was still able to find a few things...

I will give this darling bamboo stool the shabby treatment and a cute barkcloth pillow, and I will use the embroidery for a pillow.

I am always on the lookout for vintage aprons, and the crocheted jacket is simply stunning (and in perfect condition)!!

The lamp was a steal and the little crochet covered shade is so cute!!!

Because pickings were so slim, I decided to go to one of my favorite antique malls (Stars in Sellwood). On the way there, I saw a sign for an estate sale, so I decided to go in. Oh, my goodness, I have never seen so much stuff in one house (and this was their third sale at the same house...)!!! This person was a serious packrat!! The kind that makes me look like a minimalist..... I found some good stuff there!

I loooove the darling little vintage pink doll chair!!

This great vintage tray already has the glass, so all I have to do is put something under (but I will paint it first).

These old tole painted hampers are beautiful, I have a similar one that I use by the front door to store my umbrellas...

I have been collecting vintage landscape oils for a while and will be putting them on the wall soon.

This darling wicker sewing table will go in my bedroom to store the cross stitch I haven't touched in years (but I haven't lost hope!)

Some more things I found at the same estate sale....

I also was thrilled to find a bag full of these darling cherub hangers, I already have a plan for them (I will make sure to share it with you)!!

I also found a couple of things in Selwood, including this cute sewing box and some vintage buttons...

But my favorite find of the day was this adorable little vintage cabinet!! Isn't it so cute? I will be back soon with some of the transformations, and also a project I have been working on!! Also, there is still time to participate in my giveaway, posted below!! Just leave a comment on that post and you are automatically entered!! Drawing is on Friday. Have a great week!


  1. Oh you are so lucey. I love love love the litle blue chest and the pink rocker.
    What a productive day!

  2. I cant spell today that is supposed to be LUCKY!

  3. Great finds, We need a good find every once in a while so it keeps us going, I will keep visitin till you show us what you did to these things.

  4. What a lucky treasure hunter you are! I am amazed that you found so many wonderful items at one sale. I'm so excited to see your transformations!

  5. Cute stuff. Love that little chair and the jacket. My New Years resolution is to not purchase items just because they are "cute". HELP, I'm not sure if I'll make it!

  6. For slim pickins you sure got a good stash. Don't you just love it when you "happen" on a good sale?! Love the little blue chest. will return to see what you have done to it and others. Thought I was the only one who had unfinished cross stitch piled away for years! LOL....someday!

  7. Wow, I'd say you hit a mother lode at that estate sale. The oil is fantastic(have you checked out the artist yet?) and the kid in me loves the pink rocker!!! Way to go, girl. Debbie

  8. I love everything I don't think I could pick just one favorite. What a great day of shopping!

  9. Oh my, I loved everything you showed. How fun!


  10. Isabel, Christa and I went to the same sale, in Milwaukie right? This house was full of stuff. I almost need another trip to make sure I didn't miss anything. Check out our finds at
    Happy New Year. Julie

  11. Oh! You did have a good day! I love that little pink rocker and that dresser!!

  12. Wowzers. You are one great thrifting queen! What a trove of treasures you found! The little chest of drawers is my favourite.

  13. Your finds are absolutely incredible!!!!!!! You are a VERY LUCKY girl!!
    I MUST come to Oregon (it is in my wish list!).
    Hugs, and happy crafting, Isabel!

  14. I would have been thrilled to find that doll chair! I know that tray is going to be gorgeous...can't wait to see that you do with it!

  15. Lucky lady. I went to an estate sale on Saturday and came away only only horrified.

  16. Perfect treasures! What wonderful finds you brought home. I think my fav piece is the aqua dresser and then second is the gorgeous landscape! Wow!


  17. First I'm lol at Lorri for mispelling, not to be mean, but I'm glad somelse does it once in awhile, for I do it all the time..It kinda makes me relaxe a little just knowing I'm not the only one..

    You really got alot of stuff, and I'm looking forward seeing how the bamboo stool is going to turn out. For me I love cherubs, I have them all over my home....

  18. That was a great sale. I am always AMAZED at what treasures await inside some of these homes. It is like a trip down memory lane sometimes......just looking at all of the stuff! You must have made it there before we did. We were coming from Washougal and it took it us a bit to figure out where it was at. I don't make it to that side of town very often ;o). It was also nice to visit Monticello. Julie and I were admiring your pink cabinet.....very cute. That was the first time that I've ever been there. It was a fun trip. If I see you out and about, I'll be sure to say hello.

    Wishing you a Wonderful New Year!


  19. The crocheted jacket and the landscape painting are my favorites, but they are all great finds!! Take care, Sally

  20. Good to see you and Lisa today! You guys are so sweet. Thanks for taking my little table home. Lets set a date to get together for work and some lunch. Martha

  21. It's not nice to make people jealous ;)
    You got some good stuff! I love that doll rocker and the little chest of drawers! Are they the same scale?

  22. Isabel,Have you ever been to Piccabilly Flea Market in Eugene? I was thinking of going on Sunday and wondered if it is worth the drive??? Any pointers?
    Have a good evening. Julie

  23. what a great day. i don't even want to know what you missed during the first 2 estaste sales!! love the pink gloves, chair, vintage bra, and that crocheted top and apron. love it all. your blog is so fun!!

  24. You are the THRIFT QUEEN! I am not kidding! Holy cow, Isabel. What a beautiful haul. I would have a seizure if I found all of those things at the same estate sale!! Good Job!


  25. Isabel,Not a bad day of treasure hunting at all! Love the pink rocker! Can hardly wait to see what you will do with the glass tray,I really love have made me really want to go treasure hunting today!lacys

  26. Wow! What treasures you found! I've been itching to hit our big flea market but have to wait till next month for two reasons: first, I've got to complete a few more projects before I drag another thing into my house; second - I'm going on a trip later this week and won't have time to start another project just yet!

    Thanks for sharing your pictures! I love the pink chair and the little cabinet!

  27. Pink chair and blue chest made my heart pitter patter! :>

  28. Oh my goodness! You found some truly awesome things. I hope you don't mind if I add you to my favorites. I HAVE to come back and see what you do with all your treasures.
    Patricia :o)
    PS: Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment.


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