12 March 2009

Found treasures!!

I've been a bad girl.... But I am soooo excited with all the wonderful treasures I found at Portland Expo!! It all starts on Friday, when you have the chance to shop in the parking lot out of people's cars and trucks!

I found a cool old sconce...

... a great old walpaper covered trunk (for only $20!) - look at the inside!!

... and this super cute old metal cart (a find for only $30!)!!!

Then, during the show, we all take turns browsing!! From Joy I bought this amazing candelabra (fresh from her own home!)

... this sweet little box came from Maryann's booth, as well as the sweet pink satin pillow and the old book...

From Randy I purchased this darling old embroidered pillow case and some gorgeous vintage fabric...

... and from Susan some adorable crochet trim and vintage wallpaper.

Other great treasures I found include a wonderful old baby quilt ($15!)...

... various linens...

... and the most adorable little pink sewing machine!!! The best part? Look at the price!!!

This old rose covered frame had my name written all over it....

.... and my "favoritest" find of them all? This incredible vintage doorstop!!! I have to be honest, because it is in such good shape I wasn't sure if it was original or a reproduction, so we asked three different dealers and they all confirmed it was old... I paid $70 for it (it's a pretty big size!), which I think is a good price... How can you tell an original from a reproduction? I have a small collection of doorstops that I am adding to slowly due to their high price!!! They are so charming, aren't they?

This is my 98th post!!! I am planning a special giveaway for my 100th, so check back soon!!


  1. What a wonderful haul. The baby quilt is my personal favourite. Thanks for sharing your treasures.

  2. What fantastic finds - how fun. I love your door stop and your mesh cart. xv

  3. Wow, Isabel, all those fabulous finds. Love them all! My top three favourites: 1) the shopping cart, 2) the pink sewing machine (toooo cute) and 3) that amazing doorstop.

  4. So many wonderful finds, If I had to break it down, I would have to say the candelabra and the little box are my favorite I think. My gosh it would be hard because I love the trunk, the sconce, I'm just glad you were able to get it all. Great stuff!

  5. They are all fabulous finds! I especially love the shopping cart.


  6. wow!! you found so many wonderful things...the pink sewing machine is soooo adorable!!

  7. What great finds. Love the doorstop.

  8. You are so lucky! I'm salivating!! :)

    I wish I could find some old linens and a chest like that~

    Wonderful shopping trip!

  9. Great linen find....the sewing machine I'm sure holds some memories! love it!

  10. Loving the goodies !!!! Hugz...Tiina...

  11. Oh, Isabel. The frame. The cart. The pillow case. The baby quilt. The list goes on. The things I am loving. You did great! Holy Cow! Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for sharing these great buys! ~Mindy

  12. Isabel, you found some great treasures. It was so fun to see your beautiful booth.
    See you soon

  13. All cutie pie things! I love the pink sewing machine (of course)! Great scores, Isabel!

  14. Wow! So many fabulous treasures! The lovely fabrics, the 20.00 trunk, the adorable sewing machine, and that awesome doorstop...You had a really great day!
    I can't wait until flea market seasn starts up around here!

    Kimberly :)

  15. what great treasures! I lOVE the pink sewing mahine. so cute!
    KRistin, Domestic Bliss

  16. What fabulous finds! I love the doorstop & metal cart :-)

  17. U-hu- you've been bad, really bad :o)
    The best of the "bad" was indeed the pink sewing machine. You lucky girl!
    Well, it looks like I have to make a trip to Monticello & see which goodies makes it in to your booth :o)
    Since the old doorstops were featured in on of the latest magazines, I bet the prices have even gone up further ....
    With your talent & eye for details, your new finds will double itself many times in payoff for you :o)

  18. Hi Isabel! I found you from Vanna's latest post on the Expo. Love your blog! I'll be following you from now on as I totally love living vicariously through other bloggers when they discover new treasures.......ahhhh!
    I'll also be checking out your tutorials - love that fabric covered chest!!!

  19. Beautiful finds. My favorites are the doorstop, flower basket pillow and that rose frame! If you ever decide to sell that frame, let me know! Wishful thinking, huh?
    :) nancy

  20. Wow! Great stuff! I wish I could have been there to snag that awesome frame, lucky girl.

  21. My dear Isabel, you have the gift to make me smile. You are like a kid at these shows, aren't you?
    I can picture you floating around in a sea of antiques, not knowing if selling or buying. For sure, coming home always with extra treasures and dreams taking shape in your mind.

    Awww...and I got a bang in my heart when I saw that lovely reminded me of the ones my grandmother used to make. Too bad I never had the patience to crochet like she did. But I love the feel of it in my hands.
    All of my grandmother's and great grandmother's crochet was put into bed sheets I will treasure forever.
    I love coming here to visit and partake of your excitement.



  22. Hi can we go thrifting together. Wow love all your finds. We would fight over everythng. lol Denise

  23. What a fantastic selection of things you have bought! I can honestly say I love it all but I was particularly taken by the candelabra, trunk & sewing machine.
    Very good finds indeed! Money well spent!
    Isabelle x

  24. Oh my goodness! What a fun day you had! You found some amazing things and at good prizes too! Lucky girl!

  25. Girl you are so bad you are good!
    Love, love, love the sewing machine(what a steal!) and the wallpaper. I am such a sucker for old wallpaper and I just can't bear to cut it.
    You are so good at buying what you love and what you love is so pretty!



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